Second Fast Track Court Launched On Copperbelt

The Ministry of Justice has launched the second fast track court on the Copperbelt this time at the Luanshya Municipal Council with the first in the province being at Kitwe City Council.

Ndola High Court Judge in Charge Emelia Sunkutu said the launch is aimed at decongesting other subordinate courts.

She stated that the court will be able to deal with misdemeanor cases while the other courts will be left to handle felonies.

Judge Sunkutu explained that the courts will exist to ensure there is respect to the rule of law among citizens.

She added that all cases under the Local Government Act will be able to be attended to at fast track courts.

Justice Sunkutu said she is hopeful both council prosecutors and those from the National Prosecution Authority will be able to work in a professional manner.

Meanwhile, Luanshya District Commissioner Patrick Maipambe said there will be no more delays in attending to small cases.

Maipambe said some people have faced challenges due to backlogged cases in high courts.

And Luanshya Deputy Mayor Golden Mulenga said law abiding citizens should not worry about the establishment of the Fast Track Court.

Mulenga said the Fast Track Court is not targeted at anyone but will operate as a normal court attending to small cases.

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