Zambia Survives Possible Ban with Aggrieved Parties Agreeing to Withdraw Football Matters from Court

Zambia survived a possible FIFA ban with all the warring parties in the game signing a cease fire.

Sports Minister Emmanuel Mulenga told a media briefing that parties that had taken FAZ to court had agreed to withdraw all matters.

Mulenga also announced that FAZ elections would not be held until FIFA had presided over a tripartite meeting comprising government, FAZ and the aggrieved parties.

“The aggrieved party will withdraw the football case from the courts of law today (Friday) 10th July, 2020. FAZ will not proceed with elections until after the meeting to be chaired by FIFA to iron out outstanding electoral contested issues,” said Mulenga.

“The meeting will be chaired by FIFA will be attended by both FAZ and all the aggrieved stake holders. The outcome of the meeting with FIFA shall be final and none of the parties will seek redress from a third party.”

FAZ has been embroiled in wrangles that were instigated by banned member Damiano Mutale and a non-member Patson Lusaka who sued FAZ over the electoral process that they alleged disadvantaged other candidates.

FAZ had a change of constitution in 2017 that was presided over by FIFA that incorporated bodies like the Ethics Committee and also threw in the proviso for an integrity check for anyone contesting elections.

FIFA is categorical about not allowing football matters to be resolved in courts of law.


  1. Kalubanama

    I only hope that thieving soccer icon is not brought through the back door into FAZ. You all know by now who the thieving icon is…Dont you?

    • Enos Kalulu

      Kalusha ‘Walya’ of course who else can it be. He wants to be the only one to be considered as though there are no other football legends in Zambia.

  2. Getrude

    I do not trust men in suits. They are always hiding something.

  3. Kambwili

    Soccer _wise,we have suffered as a country. Like the our political leaders have taken us backwards so are soccer administrators . Let the elections be free and be contested by anybody. People will decide who the best to run our soccer affairs. Why is like this in this country? We allow fools to run our affairs and unfortunately, we as the owners of everything we stand aloof and watch like fools.

  4. Musyani

    I love soccer but we have gone backwards,kalusha might have his weaknesses but oh boy the guy was great and at least he brought us the afcon cup for the first time.we can’t banish him forever everyone deserves a second chance.

  5. kundananji simbule

    wait for it

  6. Obbie


  7. Razor

    It’s not kalusha who brought us the afcon cup but the players together with the coaching staff. If they wanted they could have taken more money to lose than to win.

  8. Lethal Weapon

    Kalusha is not the one who brought the afcon…he was a great footballer but very poor administrator…he failed at FAZ coz of lack of honesty,integrity and transparency…we don’t want him at FAZ for that reason….

  9. Brian m

    Let the master of football come back again the great kalu and be the president of faz

  10. L.C

    Bring back RB if u want Kalu back. Ts & Cs apply.

  11. Limbani Mphande

    Let it be a election, bring back ba King Kalusha and let chipolopolo boys to wining again please Zambia.

  12. Limbani Mphande

    Everyone can make a mistake no one is perfect so ba King Kalu had learned a lesson, you know what I mean? Is going to do better if elected president of FAZ again .

  13. Mdm

    Kalusha failed basic tests for the presidency as mandated by FIFA. B
    e a resident of the country in which you are contesting elections, the man couldn’t produce a simple bank statement.

  14. Lethal Weapon

    We have a lot of pipo who can run football in this country, let’s forget about that dishonest money hungry chap….the reason we have pipo even in government stealing without fear is because we seem to accept stealing and corruption as being a normal thing…let him go back to coaching since he’s a coach….

  15. Alex

    Let’s not give chance to corrupt people to run FAZ. Integrity and transparency is required run FAZ. Yo can go to grade 10 if you have failed grade 9.

  16. Kkkkk

    Problem ba kamanga is only good with shi polopolo..poor calculations he has cost us alot..lost 2 opening Afcon games because he thought a new coach will take time to know the players …..

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