Magodi Lodge Shut Down For Operating As A Bar

Mayor of Lusaka Miles Sampa and a team of officers from the local authority have closed Magodi Lodge on Great North Road for operating as a bar and allowing over 300 patrons who were drinking and kissing.

Mr Sampa had warned Magodi Lodge earlier last week after receiving complaints that they were not adhering to COVID-19 rules and operating as a bar and not a lodge.

“Magodi Lodge closed for contravening COVID-19 guidelines by operating as a bar and hosting over 300 patrons drinking alchohol, smoking shisha, dancing, hugging, kissing and wawawa,” Mr Sampa stated in his brief statement shared on social media.


  1. Truth man

    It is really a challenge to be a Mayor of Lusaka! Take those people to court if it is unlawful to sell beer in their premises. Mere talking cannot work. How many times have you been seen to be just talking?If you are really following the law by your actions, then show for it by taking the offenders to courts or else this is just drama or a circus show! This country is run by Laws Mr. Mayor!

    • LN

      The issue of Covid-19 is a serious one and needs urgent attention. Those of you who want the law first, you will die while observing the law. Weldone Mr Mayor for closing these bars which are risky businesses as far as Covid-19 is concerned.

  2. Musyani

    People are not taking the government seriously on this but covid 19 is real,as for me a neighbor who is a nurse has contracted it,another man I know has died from it so it’s real,I was also sceptical but it has hit home,its there we just have to adhere to the rules if you you have no business being outside please stay indoors,mask ,sanitise your hands,etc am in Johannesburg by the way.

  3. AK

    Even if you are trading lawfully, when you fail to follow GOVERNMENT’s COVID 19 fight regulations, your pub can be closed and even lose the case in the courts of law……ubuteko efyobwaba
    Respect and exercise extreme patience. Everyone knows and feels for the businessmen and women who are running these bars and nightclubs.

  4. Jonathan

    if I was given power at least to do anything,, talking Mr mayor is nothing for how long have you been doing that and were has it gotten you.. set an example by punishing one of the the bar owners I don’t have to tell you how because you have the authority y not use it or u being scared..
    abena zambia kuwayawaya fye… nowonder some of us don’t vote..

  5. Loverboy

    The way to go make sure you clean up Lusaka city Mr Mayor man of action!!

  6. Mwalule

    “Kissing and dancing” People doesn’t fear covid 19 kaa

  7. Travis Nkonde

    It has been operating since,coz I live at sos near magold Lodge,and it’s a surprise to hear this drama, I hope Mr Mayor u will do something,

  8. Chrispin Chanda

    Politicians have contributed to this situation where people are Covid-19 is fake. This is coz we are seeing campaigns going on and most of those in attendance do not wear face masks and no social distance and as such people also wants to socialise. In simple the SI which was signed by Health Minister is being abrogated even by the minister himself who went to Court crowded by his supporters.

  9. Daniel Banda

    To live in a new normal is to live in a “surval of the fittest” situation like in a game park where you live side-by-side with your predators but you must survive by following jungle rules. If you ignore survival rules you are sure to get killed. Don’t ignore COVID-19 preventive measures in the new normal situation. Graze with care.

  10. Sampa walk a mule

    Keep it up Miles. I am proud of you my little bootlicker.
    Your highness Rajun Mahtani, Money launderer of Zambia.

  11. lelo

    Rajan is still around. Thought he ran away after Sata died and Lungu took over with help of Rupiah Banda.

  12. Gibson

    Okay honestly speaking ba people
    This man truly has the leadership qualities I think him being the next veep of this nation.

  13. Hehehe

    Why did u fail to arrest those cadres who crowded and escorted covid minister at high court also ?

  14. Stephen kibipe

    At they are kissing,dancing and doing wawawa

  15. Sunta Sunkutu

    Ba truth man, you seem to be a danderhead. He is not just talking, he is closing the bars down. What other action are you expecting from him? His actions are obviously protected by the by-laws of our city.

  16. phinians

    The next to close is havanna restaurant a long zambezi road in roma residential area. It freely open as if covid 19 does not exist.


    Katimamulilo road bar owners should adhere to the rules set by the government.

  18. Diggan

    Sir those people who seem very clever work on them with justice so that they know u run the show

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