New Ndola Airport Will Boost Trade, Tourism, Says Veep

Vice-President Inonge Wina on Saturday toured the New Copperbelt International Airport under construction.

The Vice-President said the project will be a game changer for the region’s trade, investment and tourism as more traffic is expected on the Copperbelt Province.

She expressed confidence that the US$397 million airport will bring about a lot of opportunities for the Zambian people as they are proud of the project which is expected to ease movement of goods and people beyond Zambia’s borders.

Vice-President Wina directed the contractor to fully actualise the resettlement plan for people that will be moved from the site of the new airport before the project is completed and handed over to government.

Copperbelt Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe said the people of the region are grateful to government for the many developmental projects being implemented.

And contractor AVIC International’s Senior Consultant Lei Yingqi said the delay to complete the new Ndola International Airport was due to some materials not arriving from abroad because of COVID 19.


  1. Jessey Lingard

    Well going development….

  2. Rep

    Duplicate pic

  3. Tikambepo

    long overdue.

  4. Razor

    Why cant she just steal a picture of beijings new airport and put it on her Facebook page like the president does.

  5. Frank Chombela

    Tourism of wht sort? I’m @ a loss to appreciate the rationale and urgency of this project. The MMD plan was Kasaba Bay on the shores of Lake Tanganyika to spar the northern circuit tourism. Yes, it’s being built but so what? I don’t see it helping us to repay the loan.

  6. Kambwili

    People of Zambia, know that the airport was supposed to be completed a long time ago. Do you know why the delay? Choncholis were advised to slow down and complete it when elections are near. It will be a campaign item next year. Ask a honest Zambian, will tell you the truth.

  7. adviser

    Why is the road to this airport not a dual carriageway? So, a few years from now wont we be spending a lot of money to expand this road?

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