Sikongo, Nalolo Residents To Get Electricity As Lungu Commissions Connection Project

President Edgar Lungu yesterday commissioned the electricity connection project to Sikongo and Nalolo in Western Province.

This will be the first time since independence that the two towns will be having clean and reliable energy from the national grid.

“Earlier today (Saturday), I commissioned the connection of electricity to Nalolo and Sikongo districts in Western Province.
For the first time since our country’s Independence, residents of the two districts and beyond now have access to reliable and affordable energy,” President Lungu stated.

“I am very confident that the provision of electricity will transform the lives of our people, improve service delivery and lead to improved local economic development in the two districts and beyond.
This is a pledge and commitment my Government has with the country’s rural areas – taking development to all parts of Zambia without leaving anyone behind. Rural parts of Zambia deserve access to electricity too.”

He reiterated that his Government will continue promoting and expanding rural electrification programmes in order to increase access to electricity by rural communities at an affordable cost.

“Let’s all work together to build the Zambia we want to see, without leaving anyone behind,” President Lungu stated.


  1. Jessey Lingard

    Keep it up Mr President….

    • ####

      Reliable energy from the national grid? Reliable? With 18 hours of loadshedding a day?

  2. Donqueen

    Cheap and reliable electricity? Is this in Zambia or Canada?!

  3. Tikambepo

    Ati clean and reliable energy!!!!and not disappointing and heart breaking.As soon as you will be connected to the grid and the sooner you will know what loadsheding we urban people talk about.

    • Magaba

      Learn to appreciate,it can’t be condemnation all the time,give Po praise where it is due even if you are in opposition

      • Christine M ZAZA

        Really, what is there to appreciate, its the responsibility of any sane government to develop all parts of the country. Is that not why he says he is president of Zambia, why should people of Bulozi say thank you as if they are not Zambians? Its the responsibility of every responsible govt like a father provides for his children whether he gets along with them, they never asked to be his children,. Its also with govt whether you vote for them or not, the president is the president of the whole republic even to those who don’t like him. Why are you making other parts of Zambia as if they are outsiders, last I checked Zed is still a unitary state, even though other parts of Zambia are favoured. I rest my case

      • Nyaano

        Appreciating a lie what type of thinking is that

  4. George Chibilo

    Let’s support whatever is good not always negative even on positive matters.Utalumbi mubwa as the Tonga proverb states.Thanks.

  5. Champuka

    Bakacese filingo tabatasha even if good things are happening,learn to appreciate

  6. Gessik

    Only haters can fail to appreciate good works like this.Lets not spoil the joy of Nalolo and Sikongo residents

  7. Seanmac

    Does our President have to go around the country doing every commissioning ? Surely that’s a job for ministers !? Seems like a waste of valuable presidential time – not to mention the money spent on all the hangers on and cadres who love these occasions.

  8. Frank Chombela

    This is progress. Some villagers who hv never left Sikongo should now appreciate this modern convenience.

  9. Lethal Weapon

    Commissioning of projects can be done by a minister not a head of state. The man is campaigning yet stopping his opponents from having meetings. This is what we are against, suffocating our democratic space.
    Change will not come if we wait for another time or another person, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for….

  10. Best Mweemba

    Great job there, congratulations to all who put their hands together, it’s not the band of one person.

  11. Razor

    Sikongo and Nalolo welcome to load shedding. Even when there is electricity available you won’t be able to afford because K50 only lasts one day.

  12. child of God

    I don’t trust a thing he says. He is only offering lip service and doing cheap campaigns. Come 2021 kuya bebele. Why wait all the years until when you are desperately looking for votes ??? You have already decampaigned yourself.

    • Alois Chanda

      can’t you see the electric pole how can you say bufi , it’s you who is liar.

  13. Malyango

    Can’t wait to see u my president in shibuyunji district that road please my leader I will be the first one to welcome you

  14. Tekno

    Which electricity ? You are failing to supply the already connected places….

  15. Kambwili

    ‘You can fool all the people but not all time.’ There goes a saying. Thanks for fooling people.

    • Alois Chanda

      when you were in cabinate you used to say yourself and the president was like sim and cell phone. you can’t fool people all the time

  16. MANNIX

    Even if his excellence was to build a university in both southern and western, the UPND would still claim he’s evil and must be voted out.

    • Bowman Chikopo Lusambo

      Correction. It us not the UPND that will vote this drunken parasitic peasant out but WE the people of Zambia.

  17. Will smith

    What’s better .to be on the national grid and be load shedded or nothing at all. Muletasha

    • Answer

      Nothing at all. Because nothing at all makes me prepared

  18. Tom

    Mwabombeni Tata

  19. bsiamc

    What does the President mean by “reliable” relative to ZESCO supply? Would it be sensible to cause people to believe the supply is reliable?

  20. David

    Zesco in gwembe district munyumbwe, left the poles erected for over two years now and claim they can’t proceed with the electrification project because the water levels are too low to generate electricity yet they’re busy commissioning similar projects in Northern and eastern provinces. What a shame to this biased excuse 🤔

  21. Ngwachi

    Luangwa District is now on the national grid since independence. Those condemning for 18 hours loadsheding ďo not know what it is to have loadsheding for 56 years plus


    The devil in connect from the UPND shall never appreciate whatever ECL does. The goodness is Zambia is bigger than upnd supporters, and am foreseeing heart in the upnd camp come 2021.

  23. felix simuchimba

    Thanking him for using tax payers money to do that job’s like thanking your ATM machine for giving you the money.

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