UPND Councillor In Mpongwe Resigns

UPND councillor for Kasonga Ward in Mpongwe has resigned his position, citing health reasons.

In a letter of resignation to Mpongwe Council Secretary dated 4th July, Mr Gregory Kasongo Kakompe has stated that he has been a UPND councillor for a few years but cannot continue to discharge his duties because of illness.

“With reference to the above subject matter, I wish to render my resignation as area councillor for Kasonga Ward. I have been a UPND councillor for this ward for a few years but due to my illness, I cannot manage to continue as councillor. My leg has given me several problems and for the sake of the people of Kasonga Ward who expect me to deliver, I have decided to step down,” Mr Kakompe stated in his resignation letter.


  1. Tikambepo

    To hell with those bush cakoons councillors and their fake resignations,,,,,,,,,,and not urban councillors but only bush ones are resigning?

  2. child of God

    UPND is a clean party. All the dirty must leave now it’s normal and that’s how it should be. GBM must take all his garbage with him. We thank the Lord.

    • Mweemba

      That’s talking my dear, we don’t want injury minded people in our party

    • Pharaoh

      Your response does not match with your name as a CHILD OF GOD. There’s no wisdom in you.Kindly change your name and at times be sympathetic .

  3. Koswe

    The councillor has resigned coz of I’ll healthy let him rest may our good. Lord heal you and be strong again

  4. laston Malambo

    The tym of winning us UPND is coming n people said bad words will be said by different people like pf

  5. Razor

    Even if you were sick you could have waited until next year instead of creating an unnecessary by election.

  6. State house

    That’s good…. but may be heal and be healthy never return to politics cause it’s a dirty game.

  7. Blue tooth Mbewe

    What’s going on in upnd resignation after resignation

  8. Sabina moono

    ALL evil minded people will leave UPND.We don’t even want Bill 10 supported by evil people for there selfishness on behalf of majority Zambian suffering. GOD IS WACHING. Bringing gey into a Christian nation. Sorry for that shame.

  9. Davies Sichamba


  10. Sunta Sunkutu

    But the man is ill. I found another councillor in northern province, who had a stroke two years ago, he can’t talk because his mouth is bend, his right hand is shrivelled up so he can’t write. It takes him 10 minutes to walk four steps. As sympathetic as I was with him, I couldn’t help but wonder how selfish he is to be down for two years and allow his constituents to go this long without representation. The mentality of an African is warped. I commend the upnd gentleman. Don’t die on the job for nothing besides its your President who stated that power at council level means nothing to a party. What he wants are MPs and presidential office.

  11. Lethal Weapon

    Useless pigs…being bought off to bring about elections…spineless idiots.

  12. Lethal Weapon

    When campaigning these fools beg to be voted for the position…we go to vote for them,standing in long queues sacrificing a lot of our precious time…then wen resigning they just cite personal reasons….we’ll start beating you…idiots

  13. Fsk

    The boat is not yet full… Welcome!!!!

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