Lungu Urges against Lozi/Nkoya Friction

President Edgar Lungu has urged people of Luampa District in Western Province to co-exist.

Speaking when he met chiefs in Luampa district on Sunday, President Lungu said Lozis, Nkoyas and Mbundas have always lived in peace, and wondered where the confusion is coming from.

The President said people should learn to live in peace and that those that break the law will be dealt with.

The Head of State noted that there were divisions among the chiefs going by their tone and wondered why the chiefs only discussed their succession wrangles without a mention of any issue affecting the ordinary people.

Meanwhile, chiefs told President Lungu that there are serious succession wrangles in Luampa District, stating that there was one area where ten people were all claiming to be chiefs.

Responding to the issue, President Lungu said currently, the government does not have a say on who becomes chief.

He explained that it was for that reason that government wanted the Constitutional amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 to pass so that government, in partnership with traditional leaders, could help in ending succession wrangles.

And the President was impressed with the village headmen in Luampa District, who seem to be interested in the welfare of the people and not petty tribalism, for promoting peace and unity.

The Head of State said meeting village headmen gave him hope that people of Luampa wanted to promote the one Zambia one Nation motto.

President Lungu said it was sad that some chiefs wanted to fuel tribal conflicts when village headmen wanted peace and unity.


  1. Nshilinama

    Some tribes consider themselves to be superior over others. The should humble themselves that’s when co_existance can work

  2. Frank Chombela

    I don’t know wht is wrong with Edgar Lungu. Can any serious president hope to cure the Lozi-Nkoya rift during a flying visit? He has failed to cure the on-again off-again rifts btwn Chewas and Ngonis and btwn Chewas and Nsengas. It’s not a matter to handle during the heat of an election campaign.

  3. Chrispin Chanda

    No meeting can finish without mentioning Bill 10. This bill has the magic to finish all the problems this country is facing, may be this very bill will take care even debts we are wallowing in to, high cost of living, it may even stregthen the Kwacha against the dollar.

  4. Mweemba

    One Zambia one nationa even without this animal Bill number 10

  5. Tribal Cousine

    UNDP is the one bringing divisions among our people. Look at the confusion they have caused between the Lunda and Luvale in N/wEST. The same confusion they have brought between the Nkoya and the Lozi. Confusion between Chewas and Nsengas. In southern province UNDP has set one chief against another while the same UNDP has broght rift among the Lambas. Does this UNDP stand for peace or pieces?

  6. Socretes

    Shame of the tongas… Mwanyala

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