Veep Directs FRA To Pay Farmers Promptly

Vice-President Inonge Wina has told the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to ensure quick payment of farmers once they deliver maize to the agency for strategic reserves.

Speaking on behalf of President Edgar Lungu when she met chiefs in Lufwanyama district, Vice-President Wina said the FRA must use the K1 billion released by the Treasury for crop purchasing to ensure farmers are paid on time.

She said President Lungu had directed that farmers earn from their produce as soon as possible.

The Vice-President further thanked Lufwanyama Chiefs for working with Government to maintain peace and order in the area.

Vice-President said traditional leaders had been vital in fostering peace and national unity.

Speaking on behalf of other chiefs, Chief Lumpuma urged the government to ensure speedy payment of farmers through the FRA.

Among the traditional leaders who attended the meeting with the Vice President are Chief Nkana, Chieftainess Shimukunami, Chief Lumpuma, Chief Mukutuma and representatives for Chiefs Shibuchinga and Fungulwe.

And Chief Nkana of Lufwanyama District condemned tribalism.

He said tribalism has no place in Zambia, saying what happened in Monze last weekend where UPND cadres disrespected President Edgar Lungu was sad and that all well-meaning Zambians must condemn the behaviour.


  1. Mweemba

    You should also consider the time of buying maize from farmers, already I can see the delaying of buying maize which will somehow affect 2020-2021 farming season.


    The beauty of pf government they really have good policies of paying farmers on time.

  3. dux

    all these previous years you were paying farmers lately why now is it because we ar voting next year amano ububi

  4. Socretes

    So you wanted things to be the way you thought… You’re just jealous of the pf government mwana. Good move our government

  5. Chansa Patrick

    The gvt should also consider the depot clerks by ensuring that they pay them their monthly salaries on time because they suffer alot in the fields. Our listening government under Dr. ECL

    • Chansa Patrick

      Go Go Dr. Edgar Lungu bomfwishe insoni abakapatulula ba upnd, ifwe nipamaka filecitika 2121

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