IDC Boss Tours Kenani Rubber Plantation

IDC Group Chief Executive Officer Mr Mateyo Kaluba has undertaken the tour of the Kenani rubber plantation in Nchelenge District to familiarize himself with the state of the plantations.

The IDC has pledged to work with other State partners to ascertain the viability of commercial rubber production in the area.


  1. Patriot

    Dear Ba Mateyo, I am grateful to u & your team for taking up the mantle of ensuring Zambia, with geographical proximity to the equator like Indonesia Thailand & Malasia, further with favorable climatic conditions to grow rubber which has a current shortfall of 4.4 million metric tonnes on the world market , to start a rubber plantation. In my school university thesis of 1994, I recommended that Zambia could grow rubber and hv its own indigenous tire industry. Thank u Sir & keep up the good work!

  2. CR Manfred ngosa

    At least we are moving forward , improvement in all corners.
    Dr maluba include even the schools within the district to increase the production of those raw materials

  3. Ex muslim a proud heretic

    Mateyo and similar useless people appointed at IDC, ZCCM-IH and PSs are all busy amassing wealth through underhand methods, allowances and freebies provided by government system

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