PF Are Not Above Reproach Or Rule Of Law, Says Kamba

PF Lusaka Province secretary Kennedy Kamba has told the Zambia Police Service that the ruling party is not above reproach and it will never be because it respects the law.

He has said isolated incidents of a few party members who have found themselves on the bad side of the law should not be misconstrued to mean that the entire party does not respect the rule of law.

“The misbehaviour of an individual perceived to be a member of the PF should not be considered as the position or general conduct of the PF. We want to thank the police command for finding time to have an audience with us so that we can amicably address matters that have arisen of late and have been of great concern to us as the ruling party, the PF. I want to assure our distinguished men and women in uniform and the general public that contrary to what some people may wrongly perceive as a rift between the police and PF supporters or cadres, the leadership and indeed the general membership of the party enjoys a very cordial relationship with the police command considering that we are expected to be exemplary and lead by example as law abiding citizens,” Mr Kamba stated in a statement issued after he and other party leaders met Deputy Inspector General of Police for Operations Bonny Kapeso.

“Let me reiterate what I said a few days ago that some people want to portray the ruling PF as a political monster following a few isolated incidents where some individual members of the party misconducted themselves and found themselves in conflict with the law. The PF has remained true to its core values of a political party that was founded on love for humanity, pro-poor basis and respect for the law.”

He said the ruling party holds all police officers and the entire police command in high esteem.

“We want to place it on record that despite being a Party in government, the PF has a strict disciplinary code that compels everyone to respect the rule of law as prescribed by the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia. President Edgar Lungu and the hierarchy of the Party and Government have emphasised on several occasions that we are all equal before the law and none of us should ever think they are above the law. Our position is that we respect the police and their works. Therefore, isolated individual cases involving some party members must be treated as such and the party’s name and integrity should not be dragged into individuals that come in conflict with the law. We are sensitive to the fact that we are a ruling party that must set a precedence and a good example of law abiding citizens,” Mr Kamba stated.

“We are not above reproach and we will never be. That’s why we want the police to engage the party leadership if by any means, any of us who are members of the PF attempts to undermine or interfere with the works of the police. The misbehaviour of an individual perceived to be a member of the PF should not be considered as the position or general conduct of the PF. The law must take its course on such individuals. This, however, does not mean that the general membership of the Party and its leaders will not air their grievances when they feel mistreated or unfairly treated by the police. We have a right to respond and protest peacefully of any mistreatment or on any matters that affect us just like any other Zambian or organization. That is why we feel we must dialogue with the custodians of the law. The police now being a service and not a police force should not be brutal towards or against the citizenry.”

He stated that there must be civil means of engagement with the police.

“The law and the police code of conduct is very categorical on what can be done and what cannot be done. As the PF, we recently protested against the Anti-Corruption Commission because we are convinced it was being used by the opposition to try and ridicule or weaken the Presidency. If we feel that the Police is not doing things right, we will air out our grievances just like any other Zambian has a right to do so but within the confines of the law. We are wary of the fact that that some people who don’t mean well want to continue misleading the public whenever we express displeasure on matters that affect us and our members as a party and they try to think we are taking over the duties of the police. We can’t do that and that’s not our position. We respect the police and their works,” Mr Kamba stated.

“As we head towards the elections, We must condemn any form of Violence and avoid such misconduct from anyone regardless of political affiliation. We must all pledge to work closely with the police and create a conducive environment for all political players.”


  1. Kambwili

    Nicho batampa ukumipuma.You will have thick to convince people next year.Good luck Ba PF.

  2. Razor

    Big difference between talking and your deeds. What about the guy who stole from Lusaka Central Police why don’t you avail him to the police to face the law instead of hiding him. What about all those that attack radio stations. What about those who beat up Sean Tembo where are they to face the law? Too many examples abound of your misdeeds all with the blessings of the party.

  3. prince Mande

    You talk as if you are sane when you are caught on the wrong side of the law, act the complete opposite. In a few days the wayward PF cadres will be right back to their uncouth behaviour. The problem is in PF there seems to be no leader, anyone can take the role of a leader. Where does a cadres get the guts to attack a police station as if we are in a war situation. It’s like boko haram attacking a police station. All PF cadres must be put in their right places from next year by the new government.

  4. The BFG

    Be mindful of these supporters, they really need the party, but they exceed the limit.

  5. HervRena

    It is good that the PF leadership is slowly accepting the fact that being violent only shows how foolish those who sponsor cadres are.Zambians are not foolish.The re act when time comes.Mafken has really shown it.When Bowman says CB is no go area,he’s just fooling himself NCOs. Zambians know their Democratic right.Let this party stop being reckless by empower ing marketeers only when poverty is everywhere.seriously I’ve seeñ this before in history.

  6. State House

    We respect the rule of law!!!
    Don’t think you can buy trust of people by indicating that statement of yours……If you respect the rule of law, why then do you keep on abusing the rule of law?
    That statement you delivered to the public is just nonsense….we work with men and women in uniform!!!
    You want to use them for your selfish reasons. I’m not a of any political party but stand up for my rights as a Zambian.

  7. Ala baster


  8. child of God

    Comment PF has demonstrated nothing but lawlessness from it’s inception in 2011 to date. Now even extending to foreign countries. what a shame. We are happy 2021 is around the corner. God to continue sustaining us.

  9. Moses Phiri

    I don’t need to hide my name because I have nothing to fear. What I hate the most in this country is religion. If we were a non religious country there’s a possibility we could’ve developed in our country. There’s so much laziness and deceit in this country. Religion is belief without evidence that’s the problem. Anyone can say something and expect to be believed. Actions are not more important than words in this country. 😊

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