President Lungu Meets New LAZ Leader

President Edgar Lungu has told newly elected Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president Abyudi Shonga, State Counsel, that his government is ready to collaborate more with the lawyers’ body and wondered why some lawyers elevated to the status of State Counsel have chosen to oppose government instead of working with it.

Speaking when he met Mr Shonga, who was accompanied by his vice-president Lungisani Zulu and new treasurer Ngosa Simachela at State House today, President Lungu said LAZ should find it easy to work with the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary because all the three arms of government are headed by lawyers.

“His Excellency, Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia, today met the new Law Association of Zambia President, Mr Abyudi Shonga, SC. During the meeting, the President expressed hope that his administration will collaborate more with the LAZ executive stating that the association should find it easy to work with the Executive, the Legislature, and the Judiciary because they are all headed by lawyers. The President also wondered why some lawyers elevated to the status of State Counsel opted to oppose Government instead of working with the state,” Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Mr Isaac Chipampe has stated.

He further quoted President Lungu as saying “State Counsel are lawyers for the State, but we have State Counsel demonizing the Executive.”

“The President asked LAZ to look into the matter, stating that State Counsel only needed to write to the President for a meeting when issues arose,” Mr Chipampe stated.

And Mr Shonga thanked the President for the meeting and offered to work with Government in the fight against the COVID- 19 pandemic.

He also said the government should feel free to work with LAZ in the constitution making process because the association’s core mandate demands that it participates in the legislative process, quoting Section 4 of the LAZ Act.

Meanwhile, Mr Shonga said LAZ is concerned that despite a huge number of graduate lawyers, there are few job opportunities.

He asked Government, through the President, to create opportunities for the lawyers.

Mr Shonga promised that the new executive will work within the confines of the LAZ Act.

He also urged the President to help ensure next year’s presidential elections are free and fair.
In response, President Lungu assured LAZ that the elections will be free and fair and expressed confidence in the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to manage the elections.


  1. Kambwili

    Bemishita Na imwe ba Shonga.

  2. Useless leaders in Zambia

    Please Shonga don’t allow this corrupt leaders to destroy you, Lungu chaya diga is no longer a lawyer his license was suspended when he stole a K30.000 from a poor woman so he wasn’t even supposed to meet a group of lawyers
    for what coz he is not a lawyer but a……….. Don’t be bought Shonga

  3. NZilu

    State counsel it lost value and honest speaking need news brains 2 advise govt. Life advise not must taken idea no and state counsel avoid govt 2 create problems on national govence system. It is time retrain our state counsel and bcoz lik now if represent case in court are whether u never own one then u are good judge kikiki.. Zambian culture todays is a corrupt and steal but if liars is repeated main times bcomes true. Today, opposition leaders are heros and not corrupt but if form govt even column writer online and newspaper wil demand 4 jobs.

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