PF to Revise Adoption Process for 2021 Candidates-Mwila

The ruling Patriotic Front has announced that it will conduct the remaining provincial elections in strict adherence of covid-19 guidelines.

Secretary General Davies Mwila said in a communique in the aftermath of Saturday’s Central Committee meeting that the party will also revise its adoption process for the candidates for the 2021 general elections.

Mwila said elections would go on in respect of article 60 of the party constitution that required office bearers being regularly elected by the membership.

“Against this background, elections in the Party will continue under the New Normal. As part of Patriotic Front’s democratic nature and in complying with Article 60 of the Republican Constitution, Central Committee reaffirmed its earlier resolution to conduct elections in the remaining six (6) Provinces namely; Lusaka, Luapula, Muchinga, Northern, Western and Southern Provinces,” Mwila said.

“In holding these elections, the Secretariat will ensure that there is maximum compliance to Public Health Regulations concerning COVID-19. In this regard, the Elections Committee of the Party is hereby guided to prepare and act accordingly.”


He said that the provincial elections would set the pace for the general conference that will adopt a candidate for the presidency with President Edgar Lungu pencilled as the preferred choice.


The party general secretary said that adoption of candidates would lean toward those supported by the grassroots as opposed to imposing candidates.

“The Central Committee resolved to revisit the Party’s adoption process for Members of Parliament, Council Chairpersons/Mayors and Councillors to ensure the will of the grassroots is respected in the selection of candidates ahead of the 2021 General elections,” he said.

“The Patriotic Front Party is a grassroots movement of revolutionary peasants, workers and intellectuals. We are a movement of the “people” and we are committed to leaving no one behind – and this also means, listening to the voices and wishes of the grassroots.”

He added: “Therefore, we are firmly resolved to go into the 2021 elections with popular candidates only at all levels; starting with His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who is our preferred presidential candidate.”

Mwila said the process to select a local contractor to construct the PF secretariat was underway.

“The Central Committee’s Tender Select Committee has commended the process to procure services of a local contractor to construct its New Party Headquarters. The process will be transparent because this facility will be constructed from contributions, both monetary and material, by Party members as well as friends of the Party,” he said.

Mwila said all the party officials implicated in the Kasenseli Gold Mine scandal had been suspended to pave way for investigations.

“As proof our Party’s commitment to this ideal, all Party Officials linked to the illegal gold mining and theft of gold exhibits, have been dropped from their positions. While they remain ordinary members of the Party, the accused are facing criminal prosecution in the Courts of Law and no one will be protected,” he said.



  1. Kingfred N. Kapomba

    Intra party democracy is what builds the stronger. Please let’s adopt people who the grassroots need to prevent the grassroots preferred candidate from standing as Independent candidates and later on win the election.

  2. Samz

    If it will be that of 2016 choosing friends then we will have no MP’S in parliament to support gvt

  3. Musyani

    So why did your government arrest the opposition people for doing the same over the weekend,apply the rules equally then we will believe you not just stopping the opposition.

  4. Lethal Weapon

    Allow KBF to stand so that he challenges the incumbent if you are truly democratic….

    • John Isaiah Isaiah

      KBF cannot win PF – Presidential election cimo kwati twatula fye bu President bwa Zambia kuli HH nangula abantu bambi abaleitunga ukwiminina!

      ECL is the brand that can win PF – Presidential election and that has proven for us twice in 2015 and 2016.

      2021 Presidential PF Candi
      date is ECL.

  5. Lundazi eye

    Lundazi we need a candidate connected 2 pipo not to province and SG Office. Popularity on money wil make pf lose but we need a father here not childish mps. We want a peoples candidate next year and not Candidate who bribe PEC,DEC And CEC With money buys a seat and after wining he or she 2 recover the money used during campaigns

  6. Joseph mulenga

    We need a candidate who is able to deliver services to the people of zambia

  7. Joseph mulenga

    We need a candidate who will able to deliver services to the people of zambia

  8. tarnford

    but you didnt suspend this chit chil who is also under investigation and the matter is in court

  9. Jk

    But why did you arrest those innocent UPNDs for doing what you also doing?

  10. Musyani

    I think kbf seems principled but he reminds me of ftj chiluba and his son Castro,what am I saying he seems to fail his family as his son was arrested for armed robbery in the USA,so if he can’t get his house in order how will he run the country?

  11. JMS

    Pf are private forces,look at the simbol ikofi ba mwishwo.

  12. JMS

    Please sometimes we be laughing.

  13. JMS

    Please sometimes we shoud be laughing nomatter difficult things are to simplify them.

  14. Lethal Weapon

    If you think ECL is popular within your party then let KBF challenge him…let’s see who wins.
    Fact is that ECL is not popular among Zambians now for many reasons.

  15. Chibesabantu Nkata

    Mwamona ba Mwila, noti what you did mu 2016 at Sinda eastern province. Grass root level infact mere electorates wanted Kazungula instead you gave us Gladys your preferable candidate. What happened later? She shamelessly slumped on all fours face first. Manyazi bwa? It was not only here but in many constituencies of Zambia where there’re independent parliamentarians. Those independent law makers are green in their blood. At least you learnt it the hard way. Good move now!

  16. Rix Rixington

    I just relocated, ECL is my preferred Pres.candi, but for MP I would prefer an Independent.


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