Police Arrest 6 UPND Officials After Raid On Hideout

Some UPND officials in Chililabombwe scampered into the bush, abandoning five of their motor vehicles after police pounced on them as they were allegedly conducting party elections at a farm.

And Police arrested six from the group after raiding their hideout at Kakoso Farm number one in Chililabombwe District on Saturday afternoon.

Those arrested have been identified as Sompa Sinzo, 46, Cholwe Beyani, 66, Jerry Mumba, 49, Benson Siachubo, 44, Peter Mwendesho, 63 and Godfrey Besa, 62.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said police were tipped that some UPND officials were conducting elections at the said farm.

She said police who visited the farm managed to apprehend six while others escaped, abandoning five motor vehicles and 15 carton boxes that were being used in the voting process.

Katanga stated that Police impounded the vehicles and also confiscated campaign materials found on site.

She noted that the six have been remanded in police custody for alleged unlawful assembly and criminal trespass.


  1. Musyani

    Just release them we have more serious matters than this,corruption,lack of freedom of speach,poor hospitals and the list is endless,our government likes scoring own goals alot,
    Just let as know if we are a police state.

  2. police

    Release them now I said now

  3. chikabilila

    police ur nakapatulula if it were PF no problem but????awe mwandi fili uko tuya

  4. JMS

    How many elections have pf held, by the way just figure out what is in bill 10 because what it contains has began to appear.

  5. Eddington k.

    Please follow and abide by the rule of law. It says don’t move at night its dark.But you insists.Now you are bitten by a snake lwobe mukwayi.Mulalete ifitala.

  6. Luapua

    One Zambia one nation, just release them, police are good people now the problem is on some pf leaders.

  7. wamundo

    when citizens begin to hide when conducting Democratic activities,then know that your country is a police state.Pf kill maim and assemble at will but we do not see these attests ,release them,let the owner of the farm complain.What is happening in this county is panful. We appeal to Lungu these arbitrary arrests are a recipe for bad times to come,for now you are in the driving time will come when you will be a passenger,you will also be subjected to wind ,dust and rain,then you will know how it feels to be trampled upon in your country.It is your time it is your day, enjoy it while it lasts

  8. Koswe

    Why did they run away? They had committed an offense police must are in order they must be caged in order to stop their freedom of stupidity

  9. Razor

    When bowman who now is even admitted with covid goes to mingle and campaign in the copperbelt freely without any notice or precaution then its ok but if it’s upnd conducting their own internal elections at a private farm then its a problem. Dictatorship.

  10. Artson Chitonena

    A farm is a private property. And a farm can handle a number of people due to the nature of work that goes on at the farm. The police should be sued for criminal trespass.

    • Pharaoh

      Iwe its unlawful assembly .The police can.go and enter any premises when the know that a crime is being committed .If no crime was committed why so guilty to an extent of tuning away leaving their expensive motor vehicles at the scene?.

  11. FuManchu

    PF does not even notify the police as the regalia or faces of PF and even them mentioning it through the media is already notification granted to carry on with whatever! For the opposition its ever a Catch 22! Long gone are the days when we had a less educated but quite professional police service! Katanga save face just release them! By the way did the police have a search warrant since the farm is private premises?

  12. Useless leaders in Zambia

    Come 2021 this idiot called Katanga C will have no position in the service, am advising her and her stupid followers to enjoy their positions while it lasts. Stupid times 100 and foolish times 100,000 just release them already coz we all know who is forcing the police to misbehave

  13. Lovemore mwale

    Just release them please

  14. Rhk

    Kkkkkkkkk,palibe future, police at work,just Free them.


    Dictatorship will be no more in 2021…

  16. bartwel

    mmmmm, goood job

  17. Free town

    Free them cause in 2021 its u ba pf

  18. Mwe nama shapala abantu

    Wel done police officer why they run away 🏃 if they had no case to answer, foolish upnd bakolwe imwe


    but u failed to arrest your Chitalu but zambian people mmmmmmmm anyway those are the same police which will be used to arrest you.


    Ninshi ba UPND ebakwata fye ifilubo imwe ba pf ?? Twanaka naimwe na muleya 2021!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Just do it

    Show some humility and release them..The same police ba pf command to arrest others is the same police who will com and pick u up for corruption practice… Remember these days very well becouse.. The people dat claim to be with you wl all disappear.. Especially these ministers that behave like presidents.. U know them. Just do the ryt things and release them

  22. Shimwana

    Surely arresting people for minor misdemeanours whose penalty is a small fine,some dont even exist.An offence of unlawful assembly?
    All comon sense thrown to the wind,if anything it is the police that are committing a crime here,clear abuse of authority of office….

  23. nun on the run

    Nuns on the run. Both UPND and PF are clusters of hooligans. Both be boycotted and buried for good.

  24. King pethias aka sugar boy forever

    Just release them Fili uko tuleya bamwine

  25. Kenneth mumba

    Why run if you have not committed crime foolish update and your readership.police do your job.

  26. Wiseman

    Police, u dnt hv sham compare upnd case 2 jay jay banda u ar arestig upnd lving pf behind i,ll send je je 2 beat u like woman shame on u.we kno yo fear about 2 retire 4 de national interest u ar not professional GOD WIL judge u together with yo comander come 2021 mind yo acts OKAY

  27. mr dy

    why aresting them?

  28. Vivian

    And pf police has failed to arrest a person who was showing zambians a wepon of mass destruction…kikikiki pf’s last kicks, pf exit is closing up

  29. King cool

    Sometimes police officers acts like babies who doesn’t know what they have to do, Zambia is a Democratic country, and people have the right to privacy, it’s not in the colonial time where people had no freedom of speech.

  30. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Why impounding the vehicles and whose farm? Àre private cars or party cars? If it was internal election, then,there is crime. This is being unfair to oppositions. Just few years passed pf has already forgotten that,it was h

    • Dorfrlyn Sojin

      It was opposition to mmd.no such offences were recorded. They çould held unlawful gatherings, but real leader, has never followed them. Anyway,time is around the corner.


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