Linda Kasonde Asks to be Excused from Defending Prime TV

LCK Chambers, a law firm belonging to former LAZ president Linda Kasonde, has made an application to withdraw from representing Prime Television in the Lusaka High Court due to the firm receiving insufficient instructions from the petitioner.

This is in a matter in which the closed Prime TV is seeking an order to quash the decision of Government to cease all cooperation with it as directed by information and broadcasting minister Dora Siliya.

In an affidavit in support of summons for an order for leave to withdraw as advocates filed in court, Ms Kasonde stated that she was counsel on record representing Prime TV under the name and style of LCK Chambers.

She stated that LCK Chambers have ceased to receive sufficient instructions from the petitioner and as such, wanted to withdraw from the record.

She added that this was a proper case in which leave to withdraw as advocates should be granted.

The TV station in this case petitioned the Lusaka High Court and is seeking an order to quash the decision of Ms Siliya that government ceases all cooperation with it after it refused to help in airing COVID-19 sensitisation messages.

Prime TV is also seeking an order that Topstar and Multichoice cannot remove it from the platforms they manage at the direction of Government, but Topstar applied that the court stays the proceedings.

Prime Television proprietor Gerald Shawa opposed the application by Topstar to stay proceedings and instead refer matter to arbitration and urged the court to proceed and hear the matter on its merit, arguing that the service level agreement between the TV station and Topstar was a commercial dispute agreement.

But judge Phiri, in her ruling, stayed proceedings before her and accordingly referred the case to arbitration.


  1. Hammer

    What about pro bono ? They may be broke.

  2. JMS

    No success will be obtained mama until crucifixify.

  3. JMS

    No success will be obtained mama until crucifixicatin


    Comment just plead with the government.Insoni ebuntu

  5. jason yumba

    Comment:You can win this case with perseverance and endurance and survive the government storm.Mukose bane!!

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  7. JMS

    Sometimes law can be defeated by power unless cooperation is among the majority needing justice.

  8. JMS

    Debate needs to choose which side one is,now I repeat myself, nomatter how educated you maybe, without the help of judiciary you may fail. In short I may say manipulation of the judiciary will bring normal people failing to reason due to fear. I’m a bit happy because some MPs (legislature) have come to know the odour coming.


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