I’ll Respect Central Committee Decision, Says Former PF North West Chair

Mr Jackson Kungo, the former PF North Western Province Chairperson says he will respect the decision of the Central Committee to revoke his election.

Mr Kungo who was kicked out after he was caught up in illegal gold dealings says he will use this period to do a self introspection and learn from his past.

“As hard as it is for me, I fully appreciate and understand the wisdom behind the decision of the Central Committee and I wish to state that I welcome and respect the decision,” he stated.

He has since thanked the Patriotic Front leadership for according him the privilege to serve the party in North Western Province.

“I will forever remain a loyal and dedicated member of the party and I will always be available to serve and grow the party,” Mr Kungo said.

He has gone further to apologize to whoever he might have offended in his tour of duty as Provincial Chairman for the ruling party in North Western Province.

“To everyone whom I might have offended in my line of duty, I want to say find it within your hearts to forgive me,” Mr Kungo pleaded.


  1. Razor

    The unfortunate one who got caught from all the rats who were stealing.

  2. WAIT

    You are foegiven sir


    Jackson kungo your apology is welcome.

  4. Mr more hits

    wow very nice sir.. u are forgiven.. your apology is most welcome.. your past actions are in the past we have forgoten about it.. it is well with you.. move on with your life

  5. JMS

    I wish some could learn how a reasonable person could do. When you Knock the door will be opened for you and seek you will be given that opportunity.

  6. Julius Lungu

    U r 4given sir.

  7. Curtis

    My God, another poor finishing member of government, what’s going on now? While minister of education had also done something that is detestable in the eyes of God and society Mr Mabumba. What’s happening ladies and gentlemen? Could you just come out in the open and confess your deeds for the truth shall set you free say the Lord. We only hope this is not the beginning of poor finishing of members of government . Nevertheless , thanks to his excellence the president for excercising the powers vested in him.Mind you, one rotten groundnut could upset the good savour of the rest.

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