Suspension of Lusaka and Kitwe Councils Illegal-Chapter One Foundation

The suspension of Lusaka and Kitwe City councils by local government minister Dr Charles Banda is unconstitutional, Chapter One Foundation has said in a statement.

The organisation said the suspension of the two councils should therefore be reversed immediately, arguing that the Republican Constitution clearly states that the national government and the provincial administration shall not interfere with or compromise a local Authority’s ability or right to perform its functions.

Chapter One Foundation strongly urged the Minister of Local Government to reverse his decision to suspend the functions of the two Councils in order to ensure his actions do not continue to run contrary to the requirements of the constitution.

It also called on the State to review the provisions in the Local Government Act as well as other legislation containing provisions that directly depart from the requirements of the Constitution to ensure that all leaders and citizens alike, continue to uphold our constitutional values and responsibilities at all levels of society.

It stated that Sections 56 and 57 of the Local Government Act are in direct conflict with provisions contained in the Constitution, specifically Article 152 (2) and thus the Minister’s decision is unconstitutional and should be reversed immediately.


  1. Daniel Banda

    Whatever this Chapter One is trying is wanting to look good for nothing. This is not the first time a minister of Local Government has suspended a council/councils. Where were you when a precedence was during the MMD government rule when Ndola City Council was suspended (I stand to be corrected) and nothing like happened?

  2. We can

    I strongly support the reversal decision

  3. Mcj


  4. Hammer

    I think for clarity purposes if anyone says that the constitution was violated let them state and write down in this same post the said article of the constitution which was affected, otherwise we will take it as oppose oppose and oppose

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