IBA Urges Fair Coverage During 2021 Polls

Independent Broadcasting Authority Board chairperson Mable Mun’gomba says the regulatory body expects journalists to do their work professionally even during the election period that the country is heading to.

Mrs Mung’omba said the election period is not different from any other, except that there is always a hive of activity.

She said the IBA licences come with conditions but the authority expects the media professionals to be responsible in their work.

She was speaking to journalists after paying a courtesy call on Eastern Province permanent secretary Veronica Mwiche in Chipata.

And Mrs Mwiche said a radio station is an important communication tool in society.

Mrs Mwiche said if not handled properly, the effects of an unethical radio station can be devastating.

Mrs Mung’omba is leading the IBA board which is on a familiarization tour of media institutions in Eastern Province.


  1. JMS

    Is IBA independent?

  2. 2five

    mmmh as for znbc its onry for pf

  3. Julius Lungu

    Znbc is the only media i trust in here in Zambia.

  4. Useless leaders in Zambia

    IBA my foot, so you are even proud to call this PF leard institution ati an independent. Ma rubbish

  5. PF no chance

    IBA is not and will never be independent for as long as this institution called PF is still in power, that’s why Zambians people will never trust the IBA

  6. Useless leaders in Zambia

    I wonder how an organization as corrupt as the IBA can advise the journalists to be professional when they are the learders of corruption, idiots

  7. Razor

    Look at the log in your own eye instead of pointing at the speck in other people’s eyes.

  8. See Mind

    IBA under PF you that

  9. See Mind

    IBA under PF you know that

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