MTN Employee Gets Five Years for Child Assault

The Ndola Magistrate Court has sentenced to five years an MTN employee who assaulted a neighbour’s child on New Year’s Day.

This is in a case where Madrine Numwa 40 an MTN employee is facing one count of assaulting a child.

Numwa was found guilty after trial and the matter came up for sentencing.

On January 1, 2020, in Ndola, Numwa of Ndeke Township assaulted the boy who was playing with other friends by throwing a stone at him which hit him on the forehead.

When the matter came up for sentencing before Magistrate Changa Chitabo, Numwa was found guilty of assaulting the boy and was convicted accordingly.


In mitigation, Numwa told court that she was a first offender who was remorseful for her actions and that she was a bread winner who also had a child to look after.

Passing judgment, Magistrate Chitabo said that he had taken note of the mitigation and that she was a first offender.

“However, this offence carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five years for which the court has no option but to impose that since it is assault on a child,” Magistrate Chitabo said.

He then sentenced Numwa to five-years-imprisonment.



  1. Sam

    Too bad

  2. Joy Ryder

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  3. J

    What are the facts of the case


    Control your tempers especially when it comes to issues of children. She could have taken the child to the parents for disciplining instead of throwing the stone, how about if the child went blinded,

  5. Bm

    What did the boy do wrong. This is common to most women. When a beighbour’s child mistakenly beats biological child them its the biggest offence. They don’t even consider the age they just beat. Hope many women especially those in compounds have learnt a lesson from their colleague.

  6. Kawasaki

    What a beauty!

  7. Kunda Julius

    Too bad for my sister

  8. Mpombo

    Too beautiful for the faint hearted

  9. Truth man

    This offence is somehow new to many people and as such it is not understood by many. The offence I understand carries a maximum sentence of of 14years. So, to those teachers and others who take care of small children take note and be forewarned. The offence of Assaulting a child is very serious in Zambia and once you are charged for the offence then know you are in hot soup!!

  10. Chimza

    It could have been if that’s how politicians were sentenced for corruption.

    • Golden

      It would have been a good way of fighting corruption, now here in our country corruption is a small case compared to assult.

  11. Chimza

    It could have been good if that’s how politicians were sentenced for corruption.

  12. cm

    Cabipa saana mukashana, learn how to handle issues. Imisula isuma as a parent .

  13. Jimmy shaba

    Lesson to evil hearted people

  14. Just do it

    but paipa pano… appeal and plead to the family.. very sad beautiful woman

  15. sparx

    Too bad for you sis

  16. Jeff colby

    Too bad to my sister who was sentenced for 5 yes for an assault. She should have preded with them before court issues.

  17. PwanyaNyini

    She will be government food for the net five years. Mushilikali aza chinda apa no size. Nyini yama hala yawoneka.

  18. Golden

    It would have been a good way of fighting corruption, now here in our country corruption is a small case compared to assult.

  19. Golden

    The master mind of gassings is known and hasn’t even stepped in the court,why not bring to light also such.

  20. Kalok

    Beautiful people can also be very cruel. She will be pardoned at Independence…

  21. Hamasamu

    Too bad

  22. Jahcorn

    Shit!!!! This Woman Is Beautiful

  23. FuManchu

    The best way to deal with juvenile mischief or injuries involving kids during play when offended is to approach and engage with the parent(s) or guardian(s) and leaving it to them to deal with/counsel the juvenile. Changing laws have upped degree of vulnerability for many categories.

  24. Jö Së Ph

    Soo sad

  25. Too bad, but you have to be fair. There are soo many things which is happening in Zambia but government is not taking it seriously.... But for this lady from new year day, you were still investigating her issue. Why are you not doing the same to this who are corrupting, just be fair 😚

    What a foolishness

  26. Aaron

    Mmmmmm life is had just for that u get your reward of 5years haaaa to bad for her

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