Chief Ndungu Succession Sparks Riots in Zambezi

Police in Zambezi District of North Western Province have dispersed unruly residents who torched part of the Mize Palace after a succession dispute in the installation of Senior Chief Ndungu the 9th.

North Western Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi who confirmed the development said calm has since returned in the District but stated that no arrests have been made.

He stated that the residents of Chingalala had protested the selection of Chinyama Kayombo Ngundu as Senior Chief Ndungu.

It is being alleged that some of the contenders for the throne who had been left out allegedly organized young people who mobilized and burnt part of the Mize Palace before police in full riot gear moved in.

Engagements to calm the situation in the district are underway as various stakeholders continue with consultations.

This process which started on the 28th July, 2020 is to replace Senior Chief Ndungu the 8th who died on 27th January, 2020 at Ndola Teaching Hospital after an illness.


  1. Musyani

    I thought the eldest prince from the first house should take over,if no son the eldest daughter .why fight dont they know the hereditary sequence,you can’t all be chiefs at the same time,the one strong in juju takes over.

  2. nshilimbemba

    It is unfortunate that some people think they can be chiefs by beating their into the palace , to anything there is a cannel to be followed as human being we know who gets where through the correct processes , thuggery takes no one any where and it is a waste of energy and a good name.
    Just a few days ago we saw how people in the same region gave away chieftenship to a white person and no one complained

  3. Leonard Charles Phiri

    It seems they want to overdrive every leadership in Zambia using pangas, it’s sad that those who do this can’t understand traditional traits looking at how it has been in the selection of 8 past chiefs and what a heck is wrong with the installation of the 9th chief?

    • LN

      This is generally an end-of-time riotous generation with very corrupt minds.

  4. JMS

    You asked foret,as nshilimbemba put it.you chose that white person due to patriotism, now you are failing to do the same.

  5. Fsk

    The government wants to bring bill 10 so that these succession wrangles can end but people are refusing… Continue fighting.

  6. Mwila mutondo

    People don’t fight

  7. FuManchu

    That government meddled in traditional royal matters by introducing a “salary” all for political reasons has abetted these increasing succession wrangles!

  8. Daniel Banda

    Anywhere were culture and history is not passed on to generations there will be succession wrangles, tribalism, xenophobia, racism and genocide and land disputes. People let our children know where we are coming from before Western and to a less extent Eastern culture completely wipes our African identity.


    PF government stop giving chiefs salary so that thier stop wrangles heritage.

  10. JMS

    Its unfortunate, how can people bring in pangas it sims pangas has been planted in certain people’s minds. If its true then the salaries are bringing these pangas, unfortunate.

  11. wajimona

    Some tribes are by nature violent.Look at the political Parties they support

  12. Luvale guy

    Let me go and take over.

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