FAZ Announces Premature Closure of League

The Football Association of Zambia has announced that the Zambian league will close early 19 days after its resumption following a surge in covid-19 cases.

FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala says the closure of the league arose from the challenges that association went to get some players tested and get results on time.

“The decision to close the league has been necessitated by the concerns that the Association has received from various stakeholders especially Government through the Ministry of Health particularly from Zambia National Public Health Institute. The recent surge in numbers of the covid-19 occurrences has put a strain on the health system across the board,” said Kashala in a statement.

“FAZ has been monitoring the situation and also constantly engaging the authorities on the possibilities as the numbers continue to surge. One of the major challenges has been the long delays in securing test appointments and results by most of the clubs in the league after being tested which meant that certain matches could not be played due to the inability of clubs to produce results when called upon to do so. Regrettably with the surge in numbers it has meant that the flow of results has been slower.”

The FAZ Super League and National Division One re-opened on July 18 but has had to close prematurely following a surge in covid-19 cases.

Kashala added: “The current league will be concluded on August 6, 2020 after all the teams have played their Week 27 round of matches. Furthermore, the executive has decided that the 2020/2021 season will commence on October 17, 2020.”

The FAZ executive committee met on Thursday and decided to close the season.


  1. Sakala

    We could have finished the season way back when we had few cases, the country was recording one,two cases a day and you stopped games and now we are recording 400 cases a day you want football sure

    • Vy Ras

      Some of us told them not to resume because Zambia doesnt have the facilities of Germany. They never listened. They wanted players to die playing football

  2. monto

    Forget any activities this year, maybe next year God willing.

  3. Fsk

    it’s typical for a country like Zambia… where our leaders work up and make decisions without really analyzing the situation… the countries that were well prepared have have successfully finished the football season these include Tanzania and Burundi..

  4. Lethal Weapon

    Too bad the league couldn’t be conclude as planned, thumbs up for trying though…the decision made is for the good of everyone.

  5. Canon SC

    Very disorganised FAZ. Clubs must get together and sue them. Iam a lawyer I can help

  6. Victor mulongoti


  7. Lisha n nasilele

    I love football⚽ but the safety off everyone who makes football to be there is very important too, please do so, we are not supposed to loose anyone, bola yapa Z

  8. Mickson

    Am very disappointed with ths virus

  9. George Mainza

    That is a very good idear,COVID 19 kills unexpectedly,so beter to stop.

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