Information PS Threatens Revoke Licences For Unprofessional Media

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga has threatened that government will revoke broadcasting licenses for broadcast houses in the habit of misinforming the public.

Speaking in Solwezi, North Western Province when he
paid a courtesy call on North Western Province permanent secretary Willies Mangimela, Mr Malupenga advised media bodies to speak out and condemn unprofessional conduct in media.

Citing the broadcast by Spring TV on Wednesday that claimed that former General Education Minister David Mabumba had died, Mr Malupenga said that is a sign that media ethics among some institutions were non existent, and warned that his ministry will not allow unprofessional conduct among media institutions causing alarm among members of society.



  1. Musyani

    You minister’s just work stop making porn.

    • Hamasamu

      They have to be grabbed if they are announcing rabish story’s as citizens we must grow in mind

    • Gary Nkombo

      He is not even a Minister. Yet he is always threatening media.Imagine this one was a journalist! What a useless journalist he must have been

  2. Mayowaluse

    You should be worried about those cheating on their partners and spreading diseases such as COVID-19, VD, AIDS …
    If I were Amos I would shut up, few weeks ago it was Dr Chileshe Mulenga died in a lodge over the same. Who is next?

  3. JMS

    We don’t need streortype, media houses are okay just checkout who did the reporting thats so and punish him or her.

  4. Chendabusiku

    I was shocked to hear that the announcement of that magnitude was false. If this stupid announcement on this media house represents freedom of speech then God help us. This false news broadcaster must be answerable to someone. And they mus be made to feel the heat so that they do not repeat this nonsense.

  5. James Mwanza

    This useless idiotic bunch of thieves disguised as leaders has nothing to offer. In as much as I do not condone fake news it would be refreshing to see the law applied fairly. Lock up Tasila, Chitotela, Chilufya GAD damn!!..it’s the entire bunch of them that need to be LOCKED UP!

  6. Useless leaders in Zambia

    You are right Mr mwanza, these idiots must be caged for God sake including malupenga and donyo sility

  7. bushman

    Malupanga cone 2021 you will be in the street. You will sing a different song birdie.

  8. Daniel Banda

    ZICTA should be seen to work to have individuals who use people’s names and use social media to insult others. It doesn’t make sense to have ZICTA managers who publicly talk of the capacity of a technology which is not being used to solve the problems it was meant end.

  9. PM

    Fake or innacurate news is counteracted by true news. No need to threaten closure. Just publish true news to kill false news. News media houses the world over scramble for news scoops.

  10. JMS

    Its unwise to close a toilet when massed by someone. If you don’t know how to do things properly resign. Bring those people to book, never close any media otherwise you will be tamed to be distroyers.

  11. JMS

    Nevermind he is a secretary, leave that to responsible people.

  12. See Mind

    Midea report back to school not fake news

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