Kampyongo Flags Off Mobile Voter Registration Exercise

Home Affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo has flagged off phase one of the mobile National Registration Cards (NRCs) exercise in Mwense district of Luapula Province.

The first phase is expected to reach citizens in remote parts of the country.

The ministe said on Friday during radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk programme that the 2020 mobile registration exercise would be conducted in a two-phased approach of 40 days each.

The first phase, which has commenced today, will run up to the second week of September, while the second phase will run from September 1 to the second week of October.

Phase one of the exercise would cover Luapula, Northern, North-Western, Copperbelt and Eastern provinces while phase two would cover Western, Southern, Lusaka, Central and Muchinga provinces.


  1. Martin is confused

    What has been flagged off here? Is bit mobile voter registration or mobile national registration card registration? Clear the air here please.

  2. Mulenga Dickson

    Headline say voter registration but news is about NRC what’s wrong with ths reporter

  3. Munyelo Munyelo

    Mr reporter please if you smoke marijuana or mbanje please don’t report isues which you don’t know because you are confusing people here. I know chibolya ganja is too strong nowander such reporting awe mwandi ba people tulepapa bwino ebange.

  4. JMS

    The reporter is okay but the minister/you must approach doctors.

  5. Rix Roxington

    Zambia Reports has but one lousy reporter with a clouded mind. Maybe it’s a one man show.

  6. Rix Rixington

    Zambia Reports has but one lousy reporter with a clouded mind. Maybe it’s a one man show.

  7. JMS

    I wonder and I’m a bit behind even just some names of other people ma-ma-mama lesa Tata Yee. Whose children do you think you are? A child born of a woman should know how to behave.

  8. JMS

    The background of Chris tell why he has that chance.

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