KK Freed From $645 Legal Debt

A High Court default judgment which ordered first Republican President Kenneth Kaunda to pay his lawyers and five others $645 has been quashed by the Supreme Court.

Mr Sakwiba Sikota’s law firm, Central Chambers, and others had represented Dr Kaunda pro-bono in misprision of treason and citizenship and other cases in the late 1990s but later claimed US$1,200.

The claimed figure was later reduced to US$645 after an assessment.

The case was handled by five Supreme Court judges that included retired Deputy Chief Justice Marvin Mwanamwambwa and deputy Chief Justice Michael Musonda, Mumba Malila, Charles Kajimanga and Nigel Mutuna.

In its judgment, the Supreme Court set aside the High Court default judgment on grounds that the evidence indicated that Central Chambers, in 1998 undertook to represent Dr Kaunda on pro-bono basis.

The evidence was pursuant to the United National Independence Party’s Central Committee meeting minutes of February 28 and March 04, 1998.

The Supreme Court said the claim for Dr Kaunda to pay legal fees was tainted with irregularity.


  1. Canon Attorney

    Sakwiba Sikota kukonda ndalama just like Edgar Lungu

  2. Rhk

    Pf, so you want kk to campaign for you, never leave big man alone.chiluba,mwanawasa,Rb and sata never look over that issue, but ecl,why.

  3. Seatea

    Covid 19 has really made people poor Looking for a 50n in old files.Mwasebanya

  4. 5judges

    5 judges for 650 dollars case? What a waste of human resource? SAKWIBA is a moron. Greedy hyena, RB’s lapdog against Dr. RL Maharani.

  5. JMS

    I knew it sakwiba could just be a lawyer not fightjng HH,it was just Mwanawasa who managed that sit as a lawyer..


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