Airtel Booth Operator In Chinsali Shot By Criminals, Steal K58,000 From Him

Suspected armed criminals have shot and wounded a 26-year-old man, stealing over K58,000 from him.

Mate Musowe, an Airtel Mobile Money Booth Operator of Chinsali in Muchinga Province, was attacked while he was going to hand over cash to his employers.

Musowe was shot in the pelvis just at the gate of his employers as the unknown criminals grabbed K 58,000 from the injured victim.

Muchinga Province Police Deputy Commissioner Geoffrey Kunda who confirmed the incident said the suspects are currently on the run.

Kunda, however, said it was unfortunate that such amounts of money were being carried without police protection.

He said police have instituted investigations in the matter, further advising those handing such amounts of money to always seek police protection to avoid similar occurrences in future.


  1. Please PF Make Z safe

    If ordinary people doing legitimate business cannot find Zambia safe to do business then we are in for it!!!!!!!! Security of people and citizen is number 1. But PF won’t pay attention to the security matter as it benefits them to maintain power. Just look at the behaviour of PF cadres all over Zambia today delegated from their leaders!!!what a shame

    • K

      Always blaming govt what’s wrong with you people.

    • AM

      Why always blaming the government whilst we the same citizens are the ones doing some shortcuts, policemen women are not prophets to know what is happening everywhere .

  2. JMS

    In every normal nation security is the first periority, this is vise versa in Zambia,if Zambians haven’t got the past Zambian culture then which culture are we using.just by boss gate Impossible, a day light talk. Give loans and let people do business for themselves, the transaction has been wrongly made.

  3. Koswe

    These attacks are not only here in. Zambia world over the only thing is that employers must provide security especially where money is involved these armed gangs are every where most of them now are under some opposition parties who want to cause instability in the country

    • We needed to make Z safe

      In Dubai u will rarely see a policeman on the street but u can move 24 hours and no one can attack u. Z needed this king of security

  4. Anorm

    Not even the police officers can be trusted with that kind of money these… they are also as corrupt as the same criminals.

  5. pinx

    how did they know he was carrying 58 pin?

  6. Frank Chombela

    Police, please find and arrest the bastards. Chinsali doesn’t hv much going for it and these jobs are essential to life in this provincial town.

  7. Rophie

    Yes! Us booth operators we need efficiency security if it comes to such.

  8. JMS

    Pinx is right, and koswe is wrong

  9. Rhk

    Koswe,the same money is used to corrupt other week opposition leaders. I

  10. James

    Police should do something about it, try by all means to arrest them all

  11. Evelyn

    This is result of poor Governance .One leader said here in zambian, “if we want good governance, we must change all systems and Members of parliament in 2018.”

  12. Big B

    Where are we going from here, robery namutumteba monse mmm!

  13. Joe

    Sad news

  14. Tawanda

    Too bad

  15. Tawanda mulayayi

    You people have mercy on us

  16. FuManchu

    Police are quick to blame the victims for failing to seek assistance/protection when such things happen but try and give it a try then it might unfold as to why many fail to approach police! There are too many challenges to face as transport, allowances, officer availability and even fear what with stories going around of cadres being recruited into the police service,… ugh… force!

  17. Silas

    The guy is injured?????? 🙄🙄🙄

  18. Kelvin

    love is not in some of the Zambian…. don’t blame the government for wrong choices made by individuals.

  19. Kelvin

    Been carried by your mother for 9months just for you to become a thief..kkkkkk what a loss.

  20. HervRena

    Airtel should educate these agents on the guidelines of how to handle large sums of cash.If you can’t afford a police man call relatives or close friends to escort you from any shop.

  21. Muko1

    Poor Policies,pipo Hv No Jobs,more Of This 2 Come.Rob After Rob

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