Chifubu Local Court Burnt

Chifubu Local Court in Ndola has been set ablaze by unknown people in the early hours of today.

Copperbelt Deputy Commissioner of police Bothwell Namuswa has confirmed the burning down of the court in Ndola, leading to the loss of all case documents which have been burnt to ashes.

Mr Namuswa said the local court was burnt around 01:00 hours today.

He said police rushed to the court after receiving a report and surprisingly, the grill door to the court was open.

Mr Namuswa said foul play is suspected and police are investigating the cause of the fire.

“We have received a report of fire incidence at Chifubu Local Court which was reported to the center police post in Chifubu by a person only known as Mr Mbewe who called the offices at the police station. Police rushed to the area and found the court was on fire,” Mr Namuswa said.

He said the fire destroyed the office of the court clerk.

“The Court is manned by a security guard but on the night of the incident, he is reported to have been sick. He is the person to help us with investigations,” he stated.

Mr Namuswa said the value of the property burnt is yet to be ascertained.


  1. JMS

    The employer of that security guard must help you with investigation.

  2. Scale Ndapima

    This is a very sad development- am sure law enforcement guys

  3. Muko1

    Y Wz The Guard Nt Replaced?I Smell Something Fish Here


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