Opinion: Don’t Blame Anyone, Get Yourselves Ready For 2021: Acquire Your NRC And Register To Vote

The government of the Republic of Zambia being run by the Patriotic Front has embarked on a very serious exercise that leads to one qualifying to vote in an election. August 1, 2020, on Saturday, marked the beginning of the first phase of the mobile National Registration Card issuance exercise launched by Minister of Home Affairs Mr Stephen Kampyongo.

This is a serious show of care and concern for the many Zambians who do not have NRCs but have attained the voting age. The PF government clearly does not want anyone disfranchised on account of not having a National Registration Card and commissioned this exercise to ensure all Zambians are registered.

The opposition political parties must therefore take this seriously by working with the government to sensitise the people on the importance of acquiring an NRC. This is not something that should be left to the government alone because these opposition political parties will also depend on those being targeted to get their votes in next year’s general elections. But like always, all they know is to criticize without having a second thought about what they say.

This exercise doesn’t need to be politicised; all political parties must join hands with the government and ensure the process is a success.

The process will be done in two phases targeting different provinces. Home affairs permanent secretary Mr Masiye Banda has since warned that the government will not entertain any foreigner to benefit from the exercise and said anyone who will be found to be aiding foreigners to acquire NRCs will be dealt with sternly.

And we at Zambia Reports believe that each and every Zambian has got the responsibility to fully participate in the governance process of our country and that starts from one acquiring an NRC and later registering as a voter.

Be responsible; get your NRC and register as a VOTER!


  1. Alex Mwanza

    True, let’s mobilize ourselves for 2021.

    • I

      Only Zambian citizens should acquire the NRCs and not foreigners’ as it was alleged last time in order to exhibit transparent when voting

  2. HervRena

    It is interesting how of cadres are being given nrcdjust by enlisting by their c.men.

  3. youth mobilizer

    Yes 2021 is coming.. lets get our nrc and voters card and make some adjustments next year.. fire some pipo ,hire sm pipo and arrest som pipo kwasila

  4. CL

    That sounds certainly good. What I ask is how can we replace voter card when we once lost?

  5. MSk

    Where are we getting the nrcs


    Yes lets mobilize ourselves by registering to vote so that HH is sent back to his business come 2021.

  7. Bwaanaz

    Indeed the time is nearby for some individuals to cry after voted out

  8. Nivea lotion

    Perfect strategy to them out

  9. God bless Zambia

    This time let’s vote for someone with good leadership qualities.let not the education background and wealth deceive you.

    • I

      And who’s that particular p candidate ? They should just form a collision gvt.

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