Fire Kills Seven Chongwe Family Members

Seven members of the seven family in Chongwe District have been burnt to death after the house they were sleeping in caught fire.

The fire is alleged to have been sparked by the owner of the house identified as Lawrence Muzolewa who was pouring petrol in a container which spilled onto a brazier.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said in a statement that Muzolewa escaped with burns with 12-year old Gift Matibenga also surviving the inferno.

“This occurred on 03rd August, 2020 at about 20:00 hours at Shisholeka village, Chief Nkomensha in Chongwe District. The matter was reported to Police by Misheck Njovu aged 74 of Shisholeka Village, Chief Nkomesha, the grandfather of the victims,” Katongo said.

The deceased have been identified as Misheck Njovu (five years), Maggie Matibenga (six years), Emeldah Moyo (four years) 04) years, Marvis Moyo (three years), Rebecca Matibenga (three years), Amon Matibenga (one year) and Harriet Matibenga Matiebnga.

The bodies of the deceased have been deposited at Chongwe Hospital Mortuary while Muzolewa is admitted at the same institution with Gift ferried to Levy Mwanawasa Teaching Hospital.



    Bad news , , rest in peace

    • Lameck mwewa kalobwe

      Extremly bad,may their soul rest in peace.

  2. Amos shaliya

    Too bad ,,,,may their souls rest in peace

  3. Nshilinama

    It’d extremely a very sad development why why kkkkk it is a real accident am afraid. Fools will now start blaming. President. Lungu may. Gods will prevail mysrip

  4. kankomba

    Too bad…fools will start politising the issue whn it is jxt an accident,,,R.I.P

    • Zoom Lungu

      @Kankomba, do you know the majority of hypocrites and fools, such as yourself, don’t actually know it? What do you think you have just done by passing that comment?

  5. Luck Muwaya

    Sad development, petro vs brazier sivintu

  6. Boma Ni Boma


  7. Jeff colby

    Too bad that such a horrible thing occurred. May their Seouls rest in peace.

  8. Rs

    Too bad may their souls rest in peace

  9. Vizo

    Sad news

  10. Pro. Max

    Sad to hear. MTSRIP.

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  12. Moses Sikwewa

    Sad news

  13. Just do it

    Sad indeed..Most of them were kids.. May their dear departed souls rest in eternal peace..

  14. Edward msungamalo

    It’s a sad story. May their soul rest in peace

  15. Man of action

    My condolences

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