New Ring Road For Heavy Trucks Opens In Lusaka

By Clever Zulu

The Lusaka West Ring road linking Kafue road from Linda roundabout to Kabangwe is 90 per cent done and now open to traffic.

The road is the new highway for heavy goods trucks and those that want to avoid Lumumba road or Cairo road whilst heading north from Kafue to the Copperbelt and up north.

To further reduce traffic on Lumumba road, the government is expanding the Ringroad between Mungwi and Mumbwa roads into a dual carriageway so that the residents of George compound, Kasupe, Barlastone and the surrounding areas use the road to go into town instead of Mungwi – Lumumba road.

The Lusaka West Ring road is part of the Lusaka Decongestion project being undertaken by the Ministry of Local Government and Housing with AFCONs from India as the main contractor.

For decades now, residents of Lusaka have been subjected to heavy traffic within the Central Business District (CBD) caused by mainly trucks and other vehicles transiting through Lusaka. This new development entails less congested CBD as well as fast moving haulage from Livingstone, Chirundu, Kazungula main borders to the borders up north and the mining areas.


  1. Great

    Job well done. Keep up with the good work. Forget about Sean Tembo, he is not John Cena but Sinner Tembo

  2. Just do it

    Yeah unlike those bridges this is really good.. That road makes alot of sense.. Job well done to the contractor


      This is too good Edgar is really working. Makeni flyover bridge makes a lot of sense and not forgetting the Arcades and long acres flyover bridges, this has not only made communication ease but also making the city beautiful.

      • Zodwa Banda

        I was born in 1969. Greta East rod was built in the mid 1980’s. Despite it taking forever to complete the country mainly residents of Lusaka were pleased. Fast forward 40 years and Zambia is still considering a bridge and a road development. The head of state actually goes to officiate! Do you not see something wrong with this picture? I wish the British had not given us the keys to the country.

  3. Sam Lukonde

    Great Job!!

  4. MOSES

    Good to hear from concerned amplified, really Edgar is working, long at the beautiful roads in most of the compounds in Lusaka, look at katimamulilo road connecting great east and great north roads. This is good and not forgetting the reduction mealie meal prices due to excellent policies of the government. Besides, look closely at aviation its just superb.

    • Dutchman

      Oh shut up. These projects are just a smoke screen to what has been plundered. We could have had the Lusaka to Ndola dual carriage way if people were not stealing money


    Job well done eagle one and not forgetting the ministry of local government and all the planners and engineers, keep it up.

  6. Lipila

    Good work but consideration for outlets from new Makeni bridge poor. Recipe for accidents. Bridge looks good and hope motorists mind their speed over the bridge. Impact on traffic congestion reduction already noticeable. Well done.

  7. Talitha Bulaya

    This is good news. We got tired of seeing heavy trucks driving in residential areas. Now there is need for notices to inform the truck drivers. Should they wish to visit a residential area that they leave their truck behind.

    • Chachine

      True these guys should not disturn urban traffic with their big monsters. Those things should move from port to warehouse

  8. Xmudododo

    No words to describe how I personally feel. Zambia is still being counted among progressive countries in the sub_region.

  9. JMS

    At 90 percent😆😆😆””‘.

  10. Mwenda Steven

    Great Job. Thats development.

  11. Freedom is what KK fought for

    Make lasting roads not one year later nikalukungu

  12. Citizen

    Zambia our nation. Where a the government makes a road and Call it development kikikiki.but whose job is that? Can an ordinary citizen like me make a road no no no.no wonder we pay text for such developmental projects to be done…….this is the same as a parent buys mealie meal then you expect we children’s start appreciating you meanwhile its your duty to do so.

  13. Bones

    Good development. But mungwi road please boma do something, a measure of some kind to prevent these motorists from bringing down street light poles . Too many accidents on mungwi road,street lights will finish.

  14. EB

    We are happy it’s 90 percent complete the only challenge is that they are no humps we really need them…the vehicles that use the road over speed please do something

  15. Kasiku Gloria Kangwanda-Moyo

    Job well done. Note to honorable Vincent Mwale…

    Please work on the old Kafue Rd too as a lot of people are now building homes in Mapepe, Chipapa areas and beyond up Mphande. We residents along this dusty stretch need to feel loved and incorporated into the link Zambia highways. Remain blessed.

  16. Snr. Chief Mwewa of the newly created DistrictChifunabuli

    Indeed this is great if all former Governments worked the way PF has done Zambia would have been one of the best developed Countries in Southern part of Africa Keep it up!!!! You’re too great!

  17. Lethal Weapon

    Borrowing 20 billion US dollars to construct roads is not a wise thing to do….just to put things in perspective, Kansanshi mine with all its infrastructure and equipment is worth about 1.5 billion US dollars….we have very few right thinking people in the country…praising people who put us in shambles.

    • Bartholomew

      Sometimes when you have nothing to say you better shut your stinking mouth.

  18. Dick N Siame

    Where is Linda Round-about. Can the writer be more precise- please.

  19. Muko1

    I Think Rmove Chinese 4rm Big Road Projects They R Too Shody,gv Them Health Posts

  20. Mavis

    Good work

  21. Maxwell

    Where the money come from? China ? They will own the road.

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