UPPZ Leader’s Real Estate Company Liquidated

Brook Cherith Estates Agents and Developers Limited, a company owned by United Party for Prosperous Zambia (UPPZ) president Charles Chanda, has been liquidated by the High Court.

The court has since appointed Lusaka lawyer Bellington Mosha as the provisional liquidator.

In a ruling delivered by judge Winnie Mwenda, Mosha will manage all the assets, properties and business of Brook Cherith during the winding up proceedings.

“Upon hearing counsel for the petitioner
and upon reading the affidavit filed in support herein, it is hereby ordered that Bellingtone Mosha be and is hereby
appointed to act as provisional liquidator in respect of all
the assets, properties and business of the respondent in the winding up proceedings of the respondent herein with powers of the provisional liquidator as enshrined in the Corporate Insolvency Act No. 9 of 2017,” ordered judge Mwenda.

On January 21, 2020, a High Court registrar in a final Interlocutory judgement in default of appearance and defence ordered that Brook Cherith refunds 120 purchasers of its land K3,837,637.00.

The court awarded the plaintiffs damages for breach of contract to be assessed by the deputy registrar, damages for fraud to be assessed by the deputy registrar, interest on all sums due and costs to be agreed in default taxed.

In this matter, 120 Lusaka residents sued Mr Chanda and his company Brook Cherith for selling them plots of diverse subdivision number 3096 Charliesdale, off Airport road in Lusaka which did not belong to him.
Nathan Sinkala and 119 others sought an order of
injunction restraining Chanda,
his company Brooks Cherith Estates Agents and Developers Limited
from making transactions on two bank accounts, Stanbic account no. 5166704100122 held at East Park branch and account no.5166704100122 held at Zanaco disposing of it’s assets or generally, transacting on any bank
accounts held by the defendants.


  1. Just do it

    Ba chanda zoona ! to think their was a time i liked u and the points u would put across during interviews .. Now everything is down the drain

  2. Frank Chombela

    It has NOT been liquidated but has been placed in liquidation because it is a process. Liquidation can be a long and winding process, especially if the books of account were not kept in order. But why appoint a lawyer? This is an accountant’s job if it has to be properly done.

    • MKC

      Ba Frank Chombela you think you are so knowledgeable yet ignorant. This is a legal case.Where have you seen an accountant presiding over legal cases?

  3. Jimmy shaba

    Con company managed by con people

  4. Frank Chombela

    Fraud is a criminal offence. I don’t know why the court has been so charitable. Is it because it was through the corporate veil?

  5. John Isaiah Isaiah

    Those who want to lead others must have a clean record.

    I liked Mr Chanda so much more especially on matters to do with LAND issues, have lost him because trusting him again will be so difficult for my Soul.

    Bushe kanshi abantu tutontonkanya shani?

    Bushe kwena kuti wapoka indalama pa cipe ico tamukwete?

    Bushe imwe ba Chanda ubumi bwenu bwalikumanina fye bwino bwino sana pa kucita ifyo?

    Kikikikikiki but kwena, fili uko tuya! Imwe no Vote!



  6. I am the one

    Njeleleniko ba court. Ishina lyandi ngo muntu ulefwaisha sana nga nshi ukutekapo icalo lyalaonaika. Ba reporter na imwe tekwesha ukucita publish ilyashi ili.

  7. Clair

    Awe we have suffered in the hands of this man mr. Chanda. From 2018 to date no land no refund and he become very scarstic. He was saying take the issue wherever you want.

    I hope the liquidators gives us money soon. Twachula pafula

  8. Lethal Weapon

    Sad state of affairs especially to the people that paid for land that’s not there….but why hasn’t he been arrested for obtaining money by false pretences?…

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