A Waste Of Taxpayers’ Money?

While many have commended the government for initiating the Lusaka Road Decongestion Project that has seen construction of flyover bridges in selected parts of the City, Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP) leader Sean Tembo sees the just commissioned Kafue Road Flyover Bridge as a waste of taxpayers’ money.

He says the flyover bridge on Kafue road is incapable of facilitating a free flow of traffic and does not serve any purpose other than being a waste of national resources.

Mr Tembo further said he was shocked that President Edgar Lungu even commissioned the flyover bridge on Monday.

However, residents around the area and motorists hailed the government for putting up the infrastructure to decongest the area that was notorious for heavy traffic, accidents and petty thieves targeted at unsecured slow moving vehicles.

“Our expectation was that a spaghetti junction is what would be constructed so as to allow the free flow of traffic and eliminate the need for traffic lights. However, in its current form, the Chawama Flyover Bridge is incapable of facilitating a free flow of traffic, and therefore does not serve any purpose other than being a waste of taxpayer’s money. Suffice to mention that there will still be need to install traffic lights under the flyover bridge to control traffic to and from Makeni Mall, Chawama and Kafue Road,” Mr Tembo argues.


  1. Just do it

    Point noted… It looks good bt its jst a waste.. A spaghetti junction would have been best

  2. Koswe

    Tembo is a blind jackal which eats the remains after a lion has eaten

  3. Koswe

    Tembo is a blind jackal which eats the remains after a lion has eaten. It a very Briant idea to have that flyover bridge at that point which used to have accidents coz of flow of traffic why people can’t appreciate is coz they are embarrassed by works done pf and president. Lungu they never thought of such to happen in. Lusaka and. Zambia as whole.

  4. julius

    ECL For lyf. Good move by mr president. The devil we know is better than the angel u dont knw.

  5. Lethal Weapon

    If the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know,why was Kaunda kicked out,Rupiah banda bundled out?…kuya bebele ba lungu twanaka nenu…twesheko bambi mwe…


    SEAN is a sadist like HH who does not see anything good in what EDGAR does. Good work Mr president.

  7. enalo

    Comment :. Tax payer’s money is used for developmets and not for pocketing. Thus GOOD.

  8. Sim

    Yes we love development, Lunga E is our president. Taxpayers Monday must be used for development. Niza nyoko or awiso u enemies of progress. Pf on the wright way.

  9. Rick

    You are not serious that 289 million dollars would do a spaghetti bypass over lusaka and then also build the new local government ministry, ba PeP Presido. Do the math and you calling what I see as an attempt indeed to unclog Lsk is funny to say the least. Yes we have done this phase, but as population grows, let’s do a PPP spaghetti bypass. But it will cost the citizens to use it and especially trucks to the Copperbelt and elsewhere. No more tax payers finance as long as we cannot afford it.

  10. JMS

    Quite enough Julius has pointed out the 😈, Incredible.

  11. DAVIDO

    A government with corrupt minds and corona?? Eish, ndepita fye.

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