President Lungu Gives Nkana Midlands Bureau $32,000

Press Statement:
His Excellency Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, The
President of the Republic of Zambia and Patron of the Football Association of Zambia, has swiftly responded to an appeal for assistance and has given the Nkana Midlands Bureau US$32, 000.

The funds will be used off-set the ENTIRE outstanding dues owed by Nkana Football Club to WALTER BWALYA, a former player, and for investment in sustainability programmes for the Nkana Midlands Bureau.

Presenting the funds through his aides this afternoon, the President took the opportunity to advise the sports community to install systems that will guarantee transparent, accountable, and efficient utilisation of resources so that there is sustainability in sports management and development in the country.

The funds were received by Nkana Midlands Bureau Patron Chileshe Kandeta, Secretary Dalitso Banda, and Nkana Midlands Treasury Representative Priscilla Katongo Witika.

As Nkana supporters, we are VERY VERY grateful to the Republican President for coming to the rescue of Zambia’s biggest and most popular sports team, NKANA FOOTBALL CLUB. Twatotela bakateka wesu, Lesa amipaale.

President Lungu has been an ardent supporter of sports in Zambia and his parental intervention to allow the FAZ League to resume on 01 July 2020, attests to that.

Speaking on behalf of Nkana supporters, today is yet another day of great appreciation to the President by Nkana’s millions of followers and the sports fraternity at large.

Our prayer and hope is to crown this good news by winning the league tommorow.

The outstanding funds will be paid to Walter Bwalya’s lawyers, WILSON AND CORNHILL ADVOCATES for onward disbursement to the player as per agreement entered between the club and the law firm. The outstanding payment to Walter is approximately US$19, 300.

We hereby wish His Excellency The Republican President, good health and success in all his assignments to make Zambia a better place for all of us.

Issued by:

Chileshe Kandeta
Nkana Midlands Bureau


The Nkana Midlands Bureau (NMB) is a society of all supporters of Nkana Football Club covering areas stretching from Central, Eastern, Lusaka, Western, and Southern Regions of Zambia.

The core business of NMB is to mobilize supporters for Nkana matches in the above stated regions collectively called, Midlands.

The NMB does not run any profit making business. It’s meagre resources are dependent on member’s contributions, only.

Members include professionals, small-scale business operators, students, and other citizens in many areas of micro-scale economic endeavours.

NMB is a member of the Nation Nkana Supporters Fraternity.


  1. Jt

    Thank you sir.

  2. bsiamc

    OK. That’s well done. Remember. That is a taxable emolument. I expect about $7,000 as deductible and withheld at source.

  3. Astrida

    Get medical information and live longer.

  4. Useless leaders in Zambia

    That’s taxpayers money so don’t worst time thanking him for giving you your money

  5. JMS

    Nevermind even the reporter is useless not ashamed of repoting stolen amounts.please do Zambians brains, may God for give them they don’t know what they are doing.

  6. Zambia shall succeed if we become more focused

    “Install systems that will guarantee transparent, accountable, and efficient utilisation of resources so that there is sustainability in sports management and development in the country”. Very good advise to a micro institution but remember that Zambia can only succeed if this practice is replicated to all institutions including Govt’s running of our public affairs, the economy & our politics!!!!! Thank Mr. President Nkana is my club

  7. SuckmyDick

    It’s not from his heart but simply just politics to help himself to win elections 2021, but you will not win

  8. Mumba Chembe

    Thanks so much Mr President

  9. Mukuka John

    That’s great

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