Retired Soldier Kills One, Injures 3 In Shooting Over Eggs

A retired Zambia Army soldier identified as Sergeant Chrispin Mwansa has shot dead one person and wounded three others using a pistol after a horde of people wanted to pounce on him for accidentally hitting into a tray of eggs with a light truck he was driving.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has revealed in a statement that the retired soldier has since been arrested following an incident that happened at 10 Miles area in Katuba constituency on Monday.

The body of the deceased is in UTH mortuary awaiting postmortem.

According to one of the survivors, Felistus Chisanga, the named soldier went on rampage shooting the victims after a confrontation which ensued when a light truck he was driving hit into a tray of eggs on the roadside and in the process damaged them.


  1. Jeff colby

    How can a retired soldier act like he’s in a Rambo film. Those were just simple eggs, he should have compromised with them and pay back than killing someone. Hope justice prevails.

    • UBUFI

      Ba ZR stop putting irrelevant pictures on your stories. This man shot people with a pistol you say but you give us a picture of a sub machine gun. Ku exaggerator nangu ni lack of knowledge?

  2. Nshilinama

    I can’t understand why one should be selling on the road side poverty should not allow people to sell on the roads to make it worse they attacked him self defense rescued the soldier was trained to kill sorry

  3. Patrick mwalukanga

    Please please soldier’s don’t you use your runk every were whether retired or not please

  4. adviser

    If this soldier had not done what he did, he would have been killed himself. This is a case of self defense period. We all know how unruly these roadside chaps are – this was a case of “nchito yaoneka” by the lazy, looking for trouble characters by the roadside.

    • Pharaoh

      To bad for him and its unfortunate for the untimely death.

    • True

      True… People have died pa katuba before

    • Edward Havuluma

      Your very CORRECT my dear they would have to kill him So he managed to defend himself

    • Edward Havuluma

      Your very CORRECT my dear they would have to kill him So he managed to defend himself never you against this Soja to defending himself

  5. FuManchu

    Thanks @ Jeff colby for the situation only demanded tact! Simply being apologetic and offering to pay for the damage, that is buying off everything as per expected income by the vendor would have settled the matter! The soldier must have exhibited some arrogance to raise ire! He could have called the owner of the eggs aside than to try to talk with the mob! Who in Zambia is not stressed out trying to make a living with a poor economy and Corona virus devastation? There is a lesson here and let’s grab the opportunity! What has the soldier gained being confrontational?

  6. Forgive the serviceman it appears self defense

    Forgive him it appears self defense but await actual facts

  7. phinians

    They wanted to apply mob justice , i think he is really a soldier. He is different from major kachingwe who was beaten despite him being a retired major. But the killing is condemned in strongest terms. Let the law take its course.

  8. Daniel Banda

    Very risk behaviour by the public. Civic education needs to be given. That’s a result of lawlessness by all involved. The owner of the eggs should have reported the matter to police just as the soldier should have. But it might be that his life was being threatened by mob justice.

  9. Josphat Banda

    To bad for him

  10. Hammer

    Hence always be ready to join the Lord for we don’t know the day or the hour.

  11. Luck

    Sad development

  12. Kaja

    When you life is threatened sometimes the issue from from eggs to protecting itself. Problem with these vendors is that they block the road and expect motorists to navigte yet they have so much space off the side road to sell from,.

    I hope this soldier gets away on a self defence approach. People are so hungry, they could have ransacked his car and possibly burnt him to death. Rather one of them than me.

    Aikona man.

  13. bsiamc

    You can only appreciate the usage of firearm if you’re enlightened on the topic. One last thing is to be lynched and killed by your gun by some rogue who disarms you during search. In a life threatening situation, you don’t go down like a log. You respond. If all gets to the worst, that soldier will get a two year term for manslaughter and not murder. He may even get no jail term.

  14. bsiamc

    From the number of victims, it is evident, the mob was unrelenting. Oblivious of danger.

  15. Lspartæn

    Self defense naka tundu
    Well done soldier 🖤😎👌


    well done soldier, self-defense. It is detectable that the mob pressured on him and now days the Zambian people has lost respect for the officers.

  17. Muko1

    We Dnt Knw What Transpired&we Cnt Rush 2 Dfend Or Blem Neitha Th Owner or Soja

  18. Poligon

    He should have apologized and pay for them…


    Retired but not tired……. That’s how soldiers work, now he was lucking displine

  20. Just do it

    Guys,this is straight.. Whether their was a mob or not he should up given a warning shot in the sky.. If that could scatter the attackers then he should have given leg shots only.. The truth is someone has been murdered and some one needs to be punished.. So retired or not jail is the destination

  21. Martin Mushokabanji

    People Tend To Be Unruly In Issues Which Can Be Sorted Out Amicably Between The Not Tired Retired Soldier And The Owner Of The Eggs. Why Did The People Become Unruly To An Extent Where A Soldier Is Forced To Do What He Is Best Known To Do? People Let’s Be Exercising Some Degree Of Human Patience. Epo Mpelele

  22. Vizo

    Too bad for him

  23. Riana Riana

    What? over eggs

  24. Man of action

    Yes but y

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