Miles Sampa Welcomes Lusaka Land Probe

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has welcomed the suspension slapped on the Lusaka City Council last week by the Local Government Minister Charles Banda over alleged land irregularities.

Mr Sampa has said the land saga in the City has been one of the thorny issues he has had to deal with since assuming the Mayoral office in 2018.

He stated that it is true that there was a problem of illegal land allocations in Lusaka but that the real problems were historical even before he or current Councillors took office.

He stated that while it was good that all Councillors are being investigated as regards to land abuse, he prayed that the investigations could be cast wider within and outside LCC so as to ensure that the real and actual individuals that engage in illegal land brokering are sorted out once and for all.

He is hopeful that the investigations will also exonerate the innocent amongst Councillors, Management and staff at LCC.

Mr Sampa said this at the Lusaka July press conference with the PR Media Girls (Chishimba & Monde Nyambe) at the Le Elementos hotel in Rhodespark.

Mr Sampa is an ambassador for the Lusaka July fashion event which has been rescheduled to September 5, 2020 due to the current  COVID-19 surge in the City.

He also amplified on the meaning of the LCC suspension by quoting Minister Dr Banda who yesterday stated that he has not suspended the Mayor and Councillors from conducting their duties for which they were elected but merely suspended them from holding formal decision making meetings at the Council until further notice.

Mr Sampa disclosed that he had never been suspended or fired before in his long professional life and deliberately took time off in silence to absorb the implication of the current suspension.

He promised to continue working hard for the people of Lusaka away from the Council Chambers and implored Councillors to do the same and also continue delivering to their electorates and party that sponsored them.

The Mayor was accompanied at the press briefing by his partner Nchimunya and his resident Councillor Patrick Mwansa of Kabulonga ward.


  1. phinians

    Pay the workers at Lusaka city council for the three months they have worked. The revenue base of the council is quiet wide, people are suffering. Your worship the mayor of Lusaka council workers are being evicted by landlords for non payment of rental bills. please we beg of you ba mayor do something about this.


    We pray for a quick restoration so that people may be back for work and also to make sure that they arebPaid for there work. For some of these people, it is there only liable source of income and we even know how we have been challenged in so many ways by so many challenges especially by the pandemic of Corona Virus, so please care for the people and respond to there needs.

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  4. JMS

    Ooo payments but we hear of ecl giving where does has that huge account?

  5. HervRena

    If football fans are being funded120000and council workers are going hungry.In the current structure councils can’t operate when they are busy competing for cash in markets and bus. Stops with cadres.

  6. Am

    Mr minister please leave Lusaka first come and see what chingola has become ,our local authority have turned our town as customerly land imagine how selfiness one can become, kasompe airstrip is our example it has been reduced to nothing and I regret voting for current major.

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