Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya has disclosed that the last 24 hours have seen 416 new cases of COVID-19 being recorded in the country, warning that Zambia is likely to see more numbers in the coming week.

Speaking during today’s briefing in Lusaka, Dr Chilufya said in the last 24 hours, three facility deaths have also been recorded while six have been discharged after repeat tests came out negative.

Zambia now has a cumulative number of 7,902 COVID-19 cases since the first case was reported and 203 deaths, with the majority being Brought in Dead (BID).

Dr Chilufya warned that mid August is likely to see more people testing positive for COVID-19 as the pandemic spreads on communities.


  1. JMS

    Its time to tell people to take procotion otherwise it may spread not assuming the increase as if it has been planned.

  2. Joseph Mulindwa

    Am very much saddened on the high number of covid19 cases recorded in the last 24hrs.but my opinion on cure of the disease is that once we put our hearts together and pray by believing in God as a whole worldwide than we fight this pandemic and won the battle over it.once we commit ourselves to serve true God as to my country Zambia we will serve even other affected souls from other nations because we are an Emmanuel country and God is with us and always he will be with us.
    I thank you all.

  3. Thomas Mutale

    To this Minister of Thieves, Mr. Chitalu Chilufya. One solution to our problems is for you to stop stealing the money which is meant to improve the health of Zambians. Please stop stealing and let the money be used to build hospitals and to upgrade the health infrastructure of Zambians. You must know that corona virus can also reach and your family. No country will accept you being airlifted into their countries by your boss Lungu. All countries are afraid of being infected. Instead of stealing, improving health section will also benefit you and your family.

  4. Arnold Kasongo

    Mr chilufya and your team we thank you for the hard work, keep on working hard sir.. The key here is just to follow the measures and together we will fight this pandemic through our Lord above in heaven.

  5. Holyshit!

    Just like seer1, they’ll be falsely increasing the number of cases so that they postpone next years elections, but they’ll not succeed

  6. Stephen Mkandawire

    Please, let us up the awareness campaigns. All Press must be involved in spreading the news

  7. Tabbie

    Plandemic of the evil cults ….God will judge you……….you putting the lives of many poor Zambians to be dependent on your evil agendas……!!!!fake deaths+ fake cases= spider web formation….

  8. Daniel Banda

    Let’s do the right thing to cut the chain of transmission of COVID-19 by avoiding movements. God’s plan about life is cnot

  9. Daniel Banda

    The solution is to stop the movement of people at all costs. The economy is about people’s living just as CONVID-19 is about people’s deaths. The equation’s solution is LOCKDOWN. Think about creation and death. The woman- Eve was moving looking for food when she met Satan. Dialogue took place. The woman ate the fruit and took some of it to the husband who also ate. The instruction of living was violated. DEATH now reigns. God says be still! He also tells not to worry about what we shall eat or wear because he is the provider of our needs. He does that for the birds and flowers. He is GOD!

  10. Justine mbewe

    May the policemen make another system more especially to those people entering town from the rural areas you find that they don’t even wear face mask please make sure on Road broke or face there Drivers

  11. Nshilinama

    Some comments on this page are based on criticising the minister which is not health at all. To stop the spread of the pandemic is for all us to work together ie wear masks wash our hands frequently observe distancing and many others in all these there is no stealing deal with issues at hand not base on tribalism

  12. Chisanga kenny



    The number of cases are increasing but I wonder why the police have stopped patrolling because the bars in senior and chipulukusu are working

  14. JMS

    Let’s stick together, let noone or anyone try to scare anyone or anybody on the increase but just encoraging eachother.

  15. Ironman

    Looking on this is Zambia how has all of the covid 19 funds been broken down

  16. Voice yama youth

    So many cases indeed.. How ever if its a plot to delay elections it wont work.. I urge all opposition political parties to gear up and provide checks and balances over this govt!! too many loopholes in ths govt even a child in grade 5 can tel that something is incredibly wrong in this country.. How can some accumilate so much wealth?? unbelievable.. But just as it is written in the bible. THEIR IS A STIPULATED TIME FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERY SHALL COME TO AN END..THAT INCLUDES COVID 19

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