IBA U-turns On Spring TV, Orders It To Obtain Licence For Internet Broadcasting

The Independent Broadcasting Authority has advised Spring Television to obtain a licence for it to operate via the internet.

The IBA, in a statement issued on July 30, 2020, stated that it had no control over online TV after Spring TV broadcast a false report claiming that former education minister David Mabumba had committed suicide.

However, today, IBA has issued another statement accusing Spring TV to obtain a television licence.

“The said statement was issued in the context that Spring TV is not a licensee of the IBA. Spring TV, like any other broadcasting service provider, is bound by section 19(1) of the IBA (Amendment) Act no 26 of 2010 which prohibits the operation or the provision of a broadcasting service in Zambia without a broadcasting licence,” stated IBA Board Chairperson Mrs Mabel Mung’omba.

“Therefore, any person wishing to operate or provide a broadcasting service in Zambia regardless of whether the broadcasting service is convyed through a radio frequency spectrum or any electronic communication network such as the internet is required to obtain a broadcasting licence from the IBA. Operating without a broadcast licence amounts to an offence punishable under section 19(2) of the IBA act.”


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  3. Voice yama youth

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