UPND Kafue MP Commends Lungu, PF Govt For Building Moderm Police Houses

UPND Kafue Member of Parliament Mirriam Choonya has commended President Edgar Lungu and the PF government for building houses for men and women in uniform in her area.

She further commended the government and President Lungu for taking development to Kafue.

The opposition MP said this during the commissioning and handover of 40 modern houses for police officers in Kafue district on Friday, August 7, 2020.

Ms Choonya said development does not go where it is not lobbied for and jubilantly narrated how accommodating the Ministry of Home Affairs was when she lobbied them to consider constructing houses for the police.

“We can all appreciate the fact that the 40 houses will not be able to accommodate all our officers hence the need for me as area MP to lobby for more of these houses,” Ms Choonya appealed to Home Affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo.

She said due to the PF government’s commitment to uplifting the living standards of the men and women in uniform, the officers in Kafue will be coming from deserving homes befitting the work they do.

And Mr Kampyongo thanked Ms Chonya for attending the commissioning and handover ceremony in Kafue, having been instrumental in the achievement of the project.

The Minister said the Head of State and all his cabinet Ministers are willing to work with all well-meaning Zambians regardless of their political affiliations to build a better Zambia.


  1. JMS

    Upnd speaks the truth.

  2. PIQUE

    we value quality and not quantity. thank you very much for that development. we only seek for more infrastructure development in all the provinces without leaving anyone behind.

  3. Name Yanga

    Comment Thank God For The Development Hoping For More

  4. MKC

    Next time we will hear Ms Choonya being sidelined by hakaivotela heka.

  5. Martin Mushokabanji

    Madam Choonya you did great lobbying for such development. Continue serving all without leaving anyone behind

  6. Kalumba Banda

    Madam you have done that at your own risk

  7. clash west

    since independence,PF government is the only govt that has brought development to nation and indeed it is sonta apo wabomba lungu aka sonta 2021 pamoneka

  8. costern musumuko

    Pf government is trying all it’s effort to bring development in different areas, despite that the country as low level of civilized people. Over high number of people being influenced to live according to the basist of hatred And ignorance. People with impaired judgment, well done E.C:^)L continue working hard, the next term is yours

  9. Jolly D

    Well done

  10. Koswe

    Mr. Hakainde. Hichilema is now scared. He cannot fire this. M. P coz he cannot win it back his MPs dont work with government people want development. Hakainde has no agenda for development we challenge him let him fire ms choonya

  11. Ironman

    As we near election day we expect more miracles immediately after voting its bomb gone this is just smoke cover may someone answer me on the question of graduates. …

  12. Maano

    Isn’t Choonya as an MP not part of Government!? Yes, she is part of Government! There is no Government of the Day! There is no PF Government! There is only only One Zambia Government. A Government of the People, By the People, for the People. Period! But, there is no need of showering praises for Political Workers in Government, Because the PF politicians in Government are simply Workers are paid salaries and allowances by the People of Zambia, who include the Opposition!

  13. Sunta Sunkutu

    …and now choonya, be prepared to face the satanic wrath of one Bally. You’ve just drawn a target on your own back. Brace yourself.

  14. Riana


  15. Mm

    Did you attend the ceremony? HH is your enemy now

  16. Voice yama youth

    Great,its gud to give credit wher its due.. Well done p.f bt ms choona lets hope ya nt lobing for a job next year under p.f? cz the next thing we wl hear is u wl be defecting to p.f. the youth have a change of heart too much theft in this country ..be a strong woman that you are…be fearless continue working hard! you are among the few who value their job and understand their job description.,

  17. Useless leaders in Zambia

    One thing some people don’t understand is that there’s no pf gvrnmt, there’s only Zambian government lead by the PF and we pay them every month so you don’t need to thank them coz we are the bosses


    good for kafue city

  19. Albright

    That is the way to go madam.

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