2 Senior Health Workers Die Of COVID-19

A mental health specialist and a doctor in the mental health department have died of COVID-19, health minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya has revealed.

The two – mental health specialist Mr John Mayeya and Dr Anthony Zimba of the mental health department who was managing epilepsy – were not frontline responders in the COVID-19 fight but have been working in the health sector for over 30 years, he revealed today and expressed his heartfelt condolences on their passing.

“Today, we mourn two of our very senior colleagues in the health profession. These are not Frontline responders in the COVID-19 outbreak but have been working in the health sector for more than 30 years,” Dr Chitalu announced at today’s briefing.
Yesterday, he revealed that the government had finalised the process of giving incentives to all frontliners in the COVID-19 fight.

And the minister advised citizens to avoid having COVID-19 tests in undesignated centres, warning that false COVID-19 tests will not prevent them from contracting the virus.


  1. LN

    Sad news indeed.


    Sad news in did please government try your best

  3. Edward msungamalo

    Sad news indeed

  4. Chanda

    Bad news ,mourn well

  5. Concerned citizen

    Rest in peace legends…. but government please help us in this.corona is just going higher but Pipo are not following preventive measures

  6. Bm

    Where are the people who have been refusing if corona not being real in Zambia? You can now have these results of the disease you have been disputing of not in Zambia.

  7. Koswe

    Yes coronavirus is not in. Zambia coz people don’t see those who are being buried after corona infections be open show us iam very sad let us Mormon our relatives together as. Zambians

  8. gify

    This one he is still alive..dont mention a person who is a live to the dead one

  9. Useless leaders in Zambia

    The person in the picture is actually alive so stop faking figures you idiots and you ka Zambia reporter, which school did you go to coz a qualified journalist cannot be reporting fake and useless news and my advice to this criminal called Chilufya t is stop giving the public fake figures, stupidity ➕ foolishness = mukobeko or chimbokaila prisons

  10. Sayantist

    We cant be losing Health staff. We need them more now than at any time in our history

  11. Dalisoul

    So bad 👨

  12. Robert

    Sad news

  13. WAIT

    Too bad

  14. Man B

    From which province. Minister must giving us

  15. fanwell sydeny khumalo

    My Mentor and friend John Mayeya in Mental health may his soul rest in peace.We shall miss him greatly

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