ACC Confirms Suspending Investigations Officer For Testifying In Favour Of Dr Chilufya

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has stated that it has suspended its investigations officer Mr Chipambe Manda, pending disciplinary proceedings.

This was after Mr Manda’s testimony in court in a case where Health minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya is charged with four counts of being in possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

The officer told court that Dr Chilufya had not committed any crime by owning the properties for which he is being prosecuted, yet it is the same ACC that arrested and charged the minister with the subject offences.

His testimony also shocked chief resident magistrate Lameck Mwale who then asked “why are we here?”

And a circular to members of staff, ACC acting director general Ms Rosemary Khuzhwayo said the position presented by Mr Manda was not that of the Commission.


  1. Jms

    Its unwise for the announcement of the suspension it sims the director must reverse her stament to a dimisal otherwise the ACC has to be dismantled.

  2. predator

    thats how evil is when it entered in the country …And thats the manifesto of president lungu come 2021

  3. JMS

    We have suffered enough, one word is enough for a Wiseman. And if people keep on closing their ears and eyes I’m sure God answers through calamities and that stubbornness we don’t have to go through that.

  4. Voice yama youth

    Where is this country headed to?? corruption is every where.. That investigating officer should nt be suspending but fired and be charged chapwa

  5. Thom chishala

    Mutamfye inchito nikabola

  6. Kandindi

    We knew you the acc will eventual drop the case ,especially when it is leveled against an influential figure a smart robber who can easily seal the mouth of acc members with few kwachas .I was just wondering why it took them so long to drop the case
    We are tired and sick such organization that pretending to be competent and strict but when it comes to smart thieves there are claiming erring in investigate taking full advantage of the gentleness of general masses

    • Susan mulenga

      This officer is a disgrace is the ACC so stupid to take a case to court if they knew chilufya had no case. You Zambians wake up this man has stolen millions giving contracts to his boys selling masks at k200 instead of k40

  7. Banja

    Joseph Sralin once picked a live chicken and plucked off its feathers. It began to bleed and suffer. A few minutes later he began to sprinkle some grains. The chicken bleeding and in pain began to follow him just few the few grains! Stalin then laughed saying this 8s what happens when a President leads stupid people. They will suffer, bleed, starve but for just a simple fly over bridge or some K200 handouts and chitenges will all but forget their pain and suffering and shout ” 2021 Ni Lungu”. Yes stupid people will always follow their tortures! Leaders who dine and wine with arms and drug dealers while they continue to sink the country into corruption, nepotism and blatant disregard for the future of the nation. They will harass the opposition, ignore Covid regulations and yet use the same to stifle competition. But alas no sin goes unpunished…where today is Mobutu, Bashir, Idi Amin, ????

  8. Banja.

    Joseph Stalin*

  9. Silvia Florence

    Indeed! That is a good decision, however expulsion is the best so that all the systems in the country can learn. For Zambia to be back on it’s knees this is what our country deserves.

  10. Chili

    Instead of Chitalu Chilufya. Manda has gone. Lets hope he was given his package by Chilufya.

  11. Augustine Chipasha

    This is all a joke just make it look like ACC is professional, it’s just a cover-up. The ACC should be dismantled if we had a working government, it’s a shame for our nation.

  12. joseph.mwape

    God is watching the all crooked gov of pf. Who reported the matter to ACC. Zambian let’s pray to God so that this pf can go. This has never happened in the life history of Zambia.

  13. Mr more hits

    NO sin goes unpunished.. God has nt forgoten us one day we wl celebrate a better zambia.. all the civil servants stealing frm poor zambians remember how all evil leaders in the bible had horrible ending.? your time is coming.. it always does.. Shameless leaders repent now

  14. Amon

    Shemeless leader,you suppose to judge them!😴😴😴😴

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