Cumulative cases of COVID-19 have shot to 8,085 after 182 new cases were recorded from 651 tests in the last 24 hours.

During today’s update, it was disclosed that three people have died in the isolation facility while 78 people are currently admitted of which 26 are on oxygen while two are in the ICU.

Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya further warned that the virus has spread to as far as Chavuma District, saying no place is a safe zone now except people’s home and how they adhere to health guidelines.


  1. Hambani

    Mhmm iyi yeve niyaboza coz number going high but the one who tasting kikikiki it’s like same people that’s so

  2. JMS

    Please lets take care and if their is a say we don’t follow precisions then do you mean those MPs and healthy personal weren’t marsking. Good minds protects but bad minds scares, and confusion may lead so lets be caim especially leaders because if leaders have this fear it will make citizens have much fear due to no one will be protected by a fearful leader and fear moves with inexperienced people.

  3. King Kong

    “26 are on oxygen while 2 are in the ICU”update me wats the difference please.

    • Plwhiv

      The difference boss is that not all patients on oxygen are in ICU

  4. Voice yama youth

    Ummmm good people, lets keep masking and stay safe.. U never know

  5. Zambian eye

    26 are on oxygen and 2 are in ICU try to amplify to make it loud please, any different between the two.

  6. George Mainza

    COVID 19 is a simple virus which kills unexpectedly,let us take care, other wise we are all going to perish.

  7. Gibwell

    This covid 19 has brought issues others will be jailed, let keep on following health procedure by masking and washing our hand

  8. Muko1

    Bufi Ubu!This R BID’s

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