Mopani Demolishes Illegally Built Houses On Its Mindolo North Land, Leaving Over 600 Families Stranded

Over 600 families in Mindolo North area in Kitwe have been left homeless following the demolition of their houses which were illegally built on Mopani land.

Mopani Copper Mines Public Relations Manager Nebert Mulenga has said the exercise was meant to protect Mopani land, saying the operation was undertaken in the early hours of today.

He said security personnel will continue to guard the secured area until further notice.

Mopani undertook an operation in conjunction with the Zambia Police Service to secure a small part of its concession in the Mindola North area of Kitwe.

Over the past 18 months, some people have illegally demarcated plots of land on Mopani property bordering Itimpi Forest and Mugala Township and extending to the Kalulushi-Sabina road.

Mr Mulenga further said trespassing has continued despite widespread local stakeholder engagements on the associated safety risks of trespassing on mine concessions.



    Please government look into that the council are the one who ease giving the people those lands and they took money from the people so just look well no that issue it is not good thank u


    Now who gave those people plots.cause there is no way people can build houses without someone to give them plots. Please ba mopani follow those people if it’s ba council or ba chief.some it’s their pensions naleka they know what they are doing balekeni ngapali copper abanakukula bakaibonfya bakes namano yakwimba copper ninshi namayanda yali pamulu without distractions mwaikata

  3. Chi

    Where were you before they built those structures ,are mulekwatako uluse it’s not fair

  4. JMS

    Incompetence is what is letting people have change, you can imagine how pf leaders starting from the MP going down to a person giving that land to the developer. You mean their wasn’t any agreement? We need change otherwise plundering Won’t finish. I know stubbornness is among failures.

  5. Just do it

    indeed jms! ba mopani follow the story properly! someone sold those plot to those people! 600 people is not a joke! and that number of people cn nt just start sharing plots!! area mp and councillor need to be cross examined urgently… we will nt forget this injustice next year

  6. mike mukuka

    where were you when they were bulding house’s 600 family’s is not a joke so ba council ba taba apa coz there z no way someone can just wake up say am bulding a house here naimwe ba mopani uku shishita to realise now 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉pa zed che

  7. Concern Zambian

    Let us examine the land issue in Zambia. It seems there are some laws which are hindering Zambian to get genuine plots. Could it be that Councils have complicated things that people are failing to get genuine plots. Or is that Councils are corrupt they alocate plots to themslves.Is it that plots are very expensive at council.If this issue is not looked into it will cost pf in 2021. Mind you many Zambians wants to own houses. Poor people are just watching civil servant s and the rich building houses.



  9. Useless leaders in Zambia

    That’s what happens when you give sensitive positions to cadres, qualified persons are out of employment bcoz all duties in councils are given to cadres, starting from DCz down to the council police. It’s high time we kicked the wicked idiots called leaders out power or we will be doomed

  10. nature

    when there were puting bycons u were there watching,when there started the structures u were there watching when all the 600 hundred structures were biult thats when u council together with the police came to demolish.i think councils are morons.

  11. Indoshi palupe

    Fack mopani

  12. JMS

    Incompetence (1) police head is useless, their is no way police take that operation without his or her consern (2) law association of Zambia is fake thats why unwanted behaviours are happening due to that money speaks, to conclude the head of state maybe aswereble because he is busy accounting money instead of doing managerial aspects. Please if you were in sata’s shoes why are we felling to notice that? (I know some will turn it as an insult,we need pasters, preachers etc to keep on speaking because David was controlled by a prophet). LET IT BE SO.

  13. George mubanga

    Guys let’s follow the people who allocated and sign on those paper they gave you plots let’s go and demolish their house this time is too much some 7 years ago it’s happen they demolish house let’s teach the council the lesson.how can they allocate stand to people without knowing it’s for mopani.that th disadvantage of school leakage bafikala ba council in 2010 they rob me 10000kwacha by council officer and chief land office and starts telling tht tht stand is double allocation guys I suffered even Mr simwinga the town clerk was involved fuck them all they r all criminals.

  14. Just do it

    Dnt worry people.. The day is coming.. Justice delayed dnt mean its denied.. They will all pay one day.. A better zambia is comin which wont include these money launders, corrupt councillors and mps. Mwalamwenako bakawalala

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