7 Arrested In Chipangali After Market Clash

Police in Chipangali District in Eastern Province have arrested seven people following a clash between Zambians and Malawians at a mobile market called Kabwandire.

Three others were injured during the confusion that occurred on Saturday in Mgubudu in chieftainess Mkanda’s area.

Eastern Province police commissioner Luckson Sakala said the confusion was sparked by traders from Chipata who decided to forecfully remove some Malawians who were trading in Mgubudu area.

Mr Sakala said the confusion ensued when Malawian traders, who always sell goods cheaply, went against the trade agreement that they made with their Zambian counterparts to trade in the area only on Mondays.

He said Malawians are supposed to trade in the area on Mondays while Saturdays are for Zambians.

Mr Sakala said the local people in Mgubudu area welcomed the Malawians but traders from Chipata were infuriated by the move taken by Malawians to trade on Saturday.

He said out of the three who sustained injuries, one was seriously injured and was rushed to a local hospital in Mgubudu.

Mr Sakala said the injured persons and those arrested are all Zambians.

He said those that were arrested have since been charged with riotous behaviour.

Kabwandire markets are held in various places which have no permanent designated markets.

Zambians travel to Malawi and the Malawians also come into Zambia to either buy or conduct business in these markets.

People from the two countries have continued to hold these markets although they were banned due to COVID-19, among other things.



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  3. chinyo chandi

    I can only see the number of zambians who aRe injured we want also to know the number of malawans who have injuries and if we have defeated lusaka and copperbelt is coming in mugubudwi to do the refight lastly we will do with monzeans

  4. JMS

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  7. Jimmy shaba

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