LAZ President Tests Positive For COVID-19

Law Association of Zambia president Abyud Shonga SC, has tested positive for Coronavirus.

In a statement issued today, Mr. Shonga explained that he took a coronavirus test
a few days ago, whose results came out positive for Coronavirus.

“I am presently exhibiting no symptoms and have had experienced none of the known symptoms frequently accompanying COVID-19 infections. On Doctor’s directives and in line with Ministry of Health COVID-19 Guidelines, I will be in home quarantine for the requisite 14 days,” he said.

Mr. Shonga adds that it is critical for citizens to speak out on Coronavirus for many reasons.

“Raising awareness of the risk the pandemic presents, not only to our members, but the entire nation, is an integral part of the steps required to combat the virus. Promoting  conversations about the pandemic will compel those of us who employ fellow  lawyers to enhance measures to protect them as they go about the busines of the practice of law. Indeed, talking about it will persuade more of us to take masking, social distancing and sanitizing more seriously than we are taking it now,” he said.

Mr. Shonga has urged the public to scale up personal response to the virus and take active steps to guard against infection.

“If you are exhibiting any symptoms, or suspect that you may have been exposed to persons that have tested positive to COVID-19, I encourage you to undertake testing and promptly remove yourself from general circulation to protect others. This way, we will play our part in helping to avoid congesting the struggling public medical facilities in the country. I am doubly convinced that there is need for us to take Covid-19 seriously,” Mr Shonga said.



    Advise the Zambian parliamentarians especially your fellow Eastern the dangers of covid-19.with his ailing condition we might have another state funeral.

  2. Frank

    Wish you quick recovery LAZ President

  3. Just do it

    Take care

  4. Bornwell Simunka

    Thanks for coming in the open,you have saved many clients.

  5. Malama c

    We wish you good recovering from the hillness sir

  6. JMS

    Quick recovery and never to forget LAZ to go for quarantine also as laws have been sheckened.

  7. King pethias aka sugar boy forever

    Wishing you quickly recovery Mr shonga


    dats a big lie, , you guys too much decieving innocent people,

  9. Albright

    Quick recovery sir.

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