OPINION: Help Govt To Help You: Please, Adhere To COVID-19 Guidelines, Coronavirus Is Real

Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya today made revelations during the daily briefing that sadly, many Zambians are opting to stay home even when they have all the symptoms of Coronavirus and do not want to visit COVID-19 facilities for medical attention.

That is totally scary. This now explains why we are having high numbers of brought in dead (BID) cases of people found to have had COVID-19 after swabs are taken on them.
Why this rigidity in change of mindset is quite baffling! Please, do not stay in your homes when you have the known common symptoms of COVID-19, which are:

– Coughing
– Fever
– Headache
– Difficulty in breathing, etc

The reality glaring in our eyes right now is that we have over 8,000 cases recorded so far and we are quickly moving in a faster pace towards even higher numbers while deaths are at over 240. It is not strange that we are where we are, the country was warned.

You see, COVID-19 is real and it is here to stay. The earlier we take it upon ourselves to take precautions, respond quickly by visiting health centres for checkups whenever we feel unwell, the better for us and everyone else in the country. Most of all, we must adhere to all the COVID-19 guidelines put in place by the Ministry of Health as guided by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

But the biggest change must come from our leaders in government; they must lead the way by showing Zambians that unnecessary crowding will take the country hundreds of steps backwards in the fight against COVID-19. Where necessary, some of the government programmes must be restricted to very small numbers where social distancing and masking up will be easily enforced. That way, the citizen will not find it difficult to follow suit!

We at Zambia Reports urge each of you to religiously follow the health guidelines given because we care so much for each and every one of you!

Let us work together in fighting #Covid-19


  1. Just do it

    Understood 100%

  2. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Amen!Wamatu wamva.

  3. King pethias aka sugar boy forever

    Serious ati ushumfwa patu nono napa fingi takomfwe

  4. Daniel Banda

    The government has done its best but its some people are just stubborn. Let the law be put into action.

  5. Albright

    Point taken.

  6. Mukuka John


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