Chiteme Says Mopani’s Demolition Of Houses On Its Land Is Evil

Nkana PF Member of Parliament Alexander Chiteme says the decision by Mopani Copper Mines to demolish illegal houses on its land is evil and inhuman.

Mopani Copper Mines last week demolished over 600 houses in Luyando community in Mindolo where we’re built illegally on the mine land.

The over 600 families have being spending nights in the cold over the past weeks.

Mr Chiteme, the National Development Planning minister, said Mopani Copper Mines could have engaged authorities before acting on demolitions.

He said this when he visited the victims with the DMMU and donated food stuffs.

“That is so evil and inhuman. How can you demolish houses like this? People suffered to come up with these structures and Mopani can’t just demolish even if it is their land. This is so wrong and uncaring from Mopani,” Mr Chiteme said.

“I will be with you during this time and no one will die of hunger here. We care for you and stand with you.”

Later, Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe said government should investigate the illegality and bring to book the masterminds of illegality.


  1. JMS

    Its unfortunate to hear these words from big officials especially ministers, I wonder who authorized mopani because I’m sure before doing so they complained some where and were told to go ahead, in other issues people just whisper anything already another person has already seen and he acts. Now here they distroy and you say you never heard or weren’t told impossible.

  2. Razor

    That was illegal development on someone else’s land so it was the right thing to do. Dont justify illegality through politics. Even Chiteme could have done the same if it was his personal land.

  3. victor

    It is not right for mupani copper mining to do such a thing to those people

  4. JMS

    People should be realistic,it takes just atleast a week for a person or people to know that building is taking place and I dought if that place is a very remote place, I’m shocked how information passes. We need leadership who care about people’s lives, don’t just be concerned when elections come that area have representetives.

  5. Lolo

    JMS you are right. This nonsense of demolishing people’s houses after watching them building must come to end. God is watching.

  6. AM

    Laws are laws if the land belongs to Mopane I see no reason to call them evil, an evil person is a law breaker, honestly nangu ulu lumbi Lwa Mulanda ku kakata teifi.

  7. AM

    Mr minister you are the law makers of our land just keep quite if you don’t have what to say because the local authorities are most corrupted people so don’t tell us that they didn’t saw what people was doing all along, that thing is happening everywhere in Zambia and it’s time for you to put sanity to your ministry be on the ground so that you can see for yourself. Come to Chingola you will see what Kasompe airstrip has been reduced .

  8. Jeff colby

    Why let them build and then move in? Where were they when they were build? Evil acts just!

  9. Jeff colby

    Why let them build and then move in? Where were they when they were building. Evil acts just!

  10. Chilubo

    A good leader always stands for his people

  11. Just do it

    The crys of those 600 families will not go anheard.. Becouse their is jehova the almighty who delivered the israelites frm egypt.. Some one will pay dearly..

  12. Kabs

    Whoever demolished those houses saw those people constructing houses there.Why did they not stop them when they were constructing?You only came running after they were done.You shud stop the evil deeds.Those people are suffering please help them!Try to put yourselves in their shoes.God is watching and will definitely hear their cry.

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