Govt Allocates Funds For Luanshya Road Works

The government has sourced for funds for the rehabilitation and construction of some selected township roads in Luanshya district.

Luanshya Mayor Mr Nathan Chanda said road works will start soon as preparations have reached advanced stage.

He said the rehabilitation of township roads in Luanshya is long overdue.

Mr Chanda thanked President Edgar Lungu for the good move, and has appealed to motorists, Luanshya residents and other road users to give chance to the Contractor once they move on site.

Meanwhile, Luanshya Central member of Parliament Mr Steven Chungu is delighted with the funding for rehabilitation of selected roads in Luanshya which are in a deplorable state.

He said the people of Luanshya have for many years complained about the bad state of the roads.

One Response to “Govt Allocates Funds For Luanshya Road Works”

  1. Mufimbana

    This is pathetic. So now its near election time some idiot thinks they will fool us with this? Think twice. All you baffoons have been useless in your service to Luanshya and the country. How do you even thank “the President” for the gesture? It’s too little too late. Sela tubombeko.

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