Govt Thanks Westerners For Support

Government appreciates the support it continues to receive from the people of Western Province, transport and communications minister Mutotwe Kafwaya has said.

Kafwaya, who was in the province to launch various government projects aimed at transforming the area, said his tour was ‘successful’.

The minister said on Oblate Radio Liseli’s special programme on Wednesday that government will continue to take development to all parts of the country.

“On Monday, I launched a modern computer laboratory at Sefula School for the Visually Impaired here in Mongu. This lab also has a state of the art Braille printer which will help our learners to advance in their education. The lab was set up by my ministry through Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA),” he said.

“His Excellency President DrEdgar Chagwa Lungu believes in not leaving anyone behind when it comes to national development and this government wants to include everyone. It must interest you to note that after I launched the lab, we asked a visually impaired person to type something on the computer and print it out in braille. Thereafter, we called a pupil who was outside and asked her to read what was printed. And it was amazing and quite moving that she read exactly what was printed out in braille. This is the development the people want. President Lungu is on record that this government wants to prioritize the construction of communication towers as this has several benefits and help us to develop our country. Western Province alone has about 74 towers and about 48 more are still under construction. This province is connected to the rest of the country and the world at large.”

Kafwaya also disclosed that government appreciated the support he received from Barotse Royal Establishment.

“I also took time to pay a courtesy call on the Barotse Royal Establishment. And Hon Ngambela and I spoke at length to discuss development in the province. And I must state here that government appreciates the support we receive from the BRE,” he said.

Meanwhile, the minister urged citizens to continue adhering to health guidelines aimed at mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

“I was on oxygen support for three days because I had COVID-19. And I would not want anyone to go through what I went through. Let’s not relax on the guidelines provided by authorities as this will help us to overcome this pandemic,” Kafwaya said.

The minister launched a laboratory at Mandanga Secondary School in Mongu aimed at promoting ICT in the country, a communication tower at Ndoka School in Kalomo which is a seventh tower in Kalomo District constructed by the PF Government and ended his tour by interacting with the public service drivers at Limulunga Bus Station and encouraged them to promote road safety in the region amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Mushokabanji Martin

    Doing well my government

  2. King pethias aka sugar boy forever

    Job well done and we want even more employment kaili youth empowerment

  3. AM

    That’s the way to go my government you are the acting government.

  4. Koswe

    Our government in need it will be unopposed up to 2064 in

  5. Just do it

    @koswe. Zambia is nt a one party state.. Just give credit where its due not decieving your self that p.F wl be their in 2064.. The world myt even be over befor that

  6. Ray Mulowa

    We also want a tar marked road from Nalolo district council to Mouyo Palace connecting to Aurther Wina Hospital

  7. JMS

    We need a permanent government in action. Not an acting govemment.

  8. The BFG

    employment even in shangombo. Teachers coming frm other districts that are employed through Shang district don’t stay, bt u leave the owners of the district that would never run away frm their land. just a concern

  9. B.M

    Did you enjoy the road from senanga off sefula as well as round about to your offices and off limulunga? For how many years these roads have been like that? We are watching time will tell.

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