Judge Muma Throws Out Injunction That Stopped Miles From Issuing Statements On Former City Market Manager

Lusaka High Court Judge William Muma has thrown out an injunction given ex parte in April this year that was restraining Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa from issuing or publishing anything on the former City Market Manager Mwenya Matafwali.

Mr Matafwali had submitted to the Court through his lawyer Chirwa Andrew and Partners that the Mayor and the Zambia Daily Mail should pay libel damages, apologise and stop discussions related to him and City Market.

The High Court has, however, rejected Mr Mwatafwali’s application and agreed with submissions from the Mayor’s lawyers Mulilansolo Chambers that had argued that the Mayor cannot be stopped from carrying out his constitutional duties.

In his ruling, Judge Muma relied on the Supreme Court judgement in Kekelwa Samuel Kongwa vs David Nkhata appeal and ordered the vacation of the interim injuction granted on April 30, 2020.

Meanwhile, the main case where the Mayor has counter sued Mr Matafwali for libel and defamation has remained active in court.


  1. JMS

    Do lawyers know how to defend the case or maybe or maybe the law has become weak that anyone can stand-up and defend what is wrong. I think some should retire. The are using age instead of quality. When better management prodrudes you will be shocked prepare for a massive cleansing.

  2. JMS

    I support judge muma but for me punishment should be given lawyers so that others learn from it

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