Lungu Mourns Mushima Mubambe

President Edgar Lungu has regretted the death of Chief Mushima Mubambe Isio Munwe of the Kaonde people of Mufumbwe district in North Western Province who died last Saturday after a short illness.

In a message of condolences to North Western Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu, President Lungu said he is deeply saddened by the death of Chief Mushima and that he commiserates with the bereaved family, the people of Mufumbwe district and the entire North Western Province.

President Lungu prayed that God will grant the bereaved family strength during the trying time.

Chief Mushima died on August 8, 2020 after a short illness and will be put to rest on Friday in Mufumbwe district.

One Response to “Lungu Mourns Mushima Mubambe”

  1. Frank Chombela

    U don’t commiserate with a family that has been bereaved but sympathize with them. Commiserations are for less serious events such as losing a job, losing a competition but not loss of life of a beloved one. The English language is not like Bantu languages on this respect.

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