Opinion: Wear Your Facemask, Don’t Allow Police To Throw You At Edwin Imboela Stadium

The Zambia Police Service, through its spokesperson Mrs Esther Mwaata Katongo, yesterday sounded a warning to all Zambians to ensure they mask up when in public or risk being fined K750, prosecuted in court or being thrown in prison for 6 months, or at worst at Edwin Imboela Stadium once other holding facilities for offenders are full to capacity.

We all are aware of the rising cases of COVID-19 that are mostly coming from communities. Almost every day, there are huge numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases coming from routine screening and, additionally, shocking statistics of those who die from home and turn out COVID-19 positive after mortuary screening.

These are very scary revelations that present to us a huge problem that faces the country with regard to compliance to the health regulations put in place by the government. People are adamant when it comes to adhering to the health rules despite a statutory instrument being put in place that mandates everyone to wear a mask while in public, social distancing and sanitising. And this same SI mandates the police to enforce the rules to a point of fining offenders or taking them to court.

We are 100% in agreement with the police when it comes to fining offenders the stipulated K750 once found to have violated the rules, but we are somewhat worried about confinement. We all know that COVID-19 thrives in crowded places, hence throwing them into one place for not wearing a mask will in the end aggravate the situation.

As a media organisation that cares so much for the people, our advice to the police is that they look for other alternatives as a form of punishment than confinement if we are to quickly get COVID-19 out of our country. We totally understand the pressure the government has to contain Coronavirus, and we also understand the pressure the Zambia Police Service has to enforce the guidelines, but we are certain that sticking to a fine will serve as the best form of punishment for now.

Let’s work together to fight COVID-19; please mask up, observe social distancing, sanitise and avoid falling victim to the punishment that comes with not adhering to the rules.

We at Zambia Reports care for you. Join us in preventing and protecting!


  1. Zambia Reports

    Ba mashina ba Zambia reports, don’t advice the police to find other means coffee dealing with those not masking up. On the contrary, advice the citizens to simply mask up. The police can’t do anything apart from what is stipulated in the SI

    • obsever

      take them to Edwin Imboela. Nga yaisula take them to Chishimba Kambwili’s Gabon Disaster Stadium. Nacho nga chaisula take them to Woodlands Stadium. Do not bring any of the fools to Nkoloma stadium because it is close to my home.

  2. Just do it

    Ummm k750 for nt maskin up?? then taken ku stadium? ? is that realistic honestly?? just another desperate action..

  3. Benjamin

    Now if the stadium is full. Hope they will be social distancing in there.. Because it is almost 9.000.000 that are not masking up and can not afford to pay your k750 and will be thrown in stadium which has not even a capacity to old 200,000 people.

    • Civil Servant

      Whether the stadium is full or not, that is not the govt’ problem, a mask is K10=00

      Mwapya baisa

  4. Mike Hunt

    Timely advice. Read and get paid for more stories at;


  5. Block

    is this thenew way gvt is using to make money?🤔

    • Eyez

      Thats what it looks like people r being fined for funny offenses like trespassing, when u pass near police post premises

  6. JMS

    Jokes are ment for jokers, just bit otherwise you will be responsible for the amount they are paying. Don’t create dramer when the solution is their. You created prisons and organisations to fight offereders but newtralized through lawyers who even support corruption and stealing.

  7. Ecl

    So when they throw you in edwin imboela stadium how long are they going to keeping people there ?????

  8. Kwena eeeh

    Elo fyapena kashi

  9. Nivea lotion

    Is there a problem masking up?
    Just mask up and avoid the K750 fine or been locked up in the stadium

    Akapondo nivea lotion in full favor make sure they are caught if found no wearing a mask make sure yalya ama kasalanda mwashitile yabombe
    Very ignorant citizens

  10. PG

    Next time will be told not to be moving or travelling rather gather without hand Washing soap and saniters in our pockets or handbags. If not adhere to such directive will be charged with a penalty fee of k1450, once fail to pay the charged fee to be send to jail or taken to a confined place like Kenneth Kanda International Airport or Hurry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport or if you are luck then taken to Intercontinental Hotel may be at San Hotel. For security measures of covid 19. Wins azalila ati ine sinibvala mask.
    I don’t touch beer! Don’t you know that sanitizer is alcohol based. Hahananana

  11. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    The iasue of mandating the wearing of face mask, is confining. I wonder if in Zambia we still professional law makers.
    The as things stands,the government has no capacity to mande the mask wearing. This shows the failures. Local and international organization has done their best in terms of donations towards the fight of cpvid

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