Zambia In Talks With CDC For COVID Vaccine Trials

Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya has disclosed that the Zambian government is in talks with the African Center for Disease Control (CDC) and a group of partners to ensure that the country participates in the vaccine trials for the ravaging COVID-19.

He revealed during today’s COVID-19 daily briefing that Zambia is ready to work with others in developing a vaccine for Coronavirus.

“Country men and women, the world is moving steadily towards establishing a COVID-19 vaccine, Zambia is not left behind we are engaged with the Africa CDC and a group of partners to participate in vaccine trials and we are going to work closely with our partners to ensure that Zambia is not left behind,” the minister said.

Dr Chilufya said government will also provide support to the Academia that will undertake research on the pandemic in Zambia.

The University of Zambia revealed a few days ago that it has made progress towards developing a vaccine for COVID-19.


  1. Nivea lotion

    Thats why you are there as our leaders make sure your whole entire government take yourselves for that vaccine trial we the people will be more than pleased to see it work on you

  2. Daniel Banda

    It should given to volunteers only since it’s a trial until the results are confirmed. Meanwhile the escalation of levels of COVID-19 preventive measures compliance enforcement by police is most welcome.

  3. Just do it

    Very funny comment.. Anyway its all good

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